Wiisx Beta 2


WiiSX/CubeSX Beta 2.1 Release - PSX Emulator for Gamecube and Wii The Emulatemii team have released a new version of their Playstation emulator for the Gamecube and Wii: Without further adieu, we would like to present a quick bug-fix release for WiiSX and CubeSX - Beta 2.1. Beta 2.1 was released on July 11th 2010, which addresses various bugs reported in the July 3rd Beta 2.0 release. CDDA audio streaming is not implemented.CUE is not working from DVD, select the.bin directly Final Fantasy VII crashes Dynarec (after first battle). PSX Emulator for Wii U & Wii. QUICK USAGE: ISOs can be.bin/.cue (Make sure.cue contains relative directory!),.img, or.iso format To install: Extract the contents of wiiSXR-beta2.2.zip to the root of your SD card For SD/USB: Put ISOs (.bin/.cue or other formats) in the directory named /w.

A beta-2 microglobulin (B2M) tumor marker test measures the amount of B2M in the blood, urine, or cerebrospinal fluid. It's most often used to find out how serious your cancer is and how it may develop in the future. In anticipation of the upcoming beta 2 release of WiiSX, I put together this animated forwarder channel. If I can manage the motivation to get around to it.

May 7th, 2017
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  1. - fix psx executables (emu_kidid) [PSX.exe]
  2. - fix save states (emu_kidid) [pass reference to memory rather than a copy in a new struct]
  3. - fix dynarec ff7 (emu_kidid) [code up a compare core]
  4. - fix boot through BIOS
  5. - add lightgun support
  6. - re-think cd cache sizes (psx reads at ~352kb/s maximum from cd)
  7. ----Misc----
  8. - fix horrible .h files (emu_kidid)
  9. - fix input up to show current controller status in menu
  10. ----Audio----
  11. - code up cdda audio playback (emu_kidid in the core, tehpola to code mixing code)
  12. - fix audio gapping with Frame Limit on [currently audio sync's but so does GPU, make it GPU only]
  13. - investigate SoundGetBytesBuffered [it's causing games to not boot or get infinite vi/s behaviour]
  14. ----Menu----
  15. - code up a 'Swap CD' function for 2+ disc games [should be just like Load ISO but won't reset the core]
  16. - implement settings.cfg [saving/loading like in wii64]
  17. - add controller settings frames (sepp256) [Analog / Standard / Lightgun / Mouse / rumble On/Off?]
  18. ->General
  19. ---Dynarec Memory size (?)
  20. ---Boot Through Bios
  21. ->Video
  22. ---Limit FPS
  23. ---Dithering Mode
  24. ->Audio
  25. ---Disable XA
  26. ---Volume
  27. ---Configure Controller Assignment
  28. ---Multitap(s) (1 or 2)?
  29. ->Saves //(users should be expected to copy/delete their own saves?)
  30. ---Save States Device
  31. --Game Info (Region, Size, filename, executable name?)
  32. --Load State
  33. --Save State Slot

Wiisx Beta 2.1