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List of direct disciples of Shirdi Sai Baba. This is a list of the disciples who met him in person. This is a small list; please write to us with the names of the disciples not listed here along with the source.

On July 25,1914,Upasani left Shirdi after a stay of three years.Upasani older tendencies, idiosyncrasies and ideas though modified by what picked up in Shirdi were remoulding him and result was to develop a Upasani Baba working lines reminiscent of Shirdi but in direction totally different from Sai Baba’s.Upasani Baba Passed away in 1941. Vaibhav Mangle Kulkarni Sarkar (Negative Lead) 873 Episodes (2018-2020) Abeer Soofi Sai Baba 873 Episodes (2018-2020) Abhishek Nigam Young Sai Baba 873 Episodes (2018-2020). SAI BABA AS A UNIQUE DOCTOR 1. Once, a lady devotee of Baba suffered from severe pain in her. Mhalsapati's house: Mhalsapati, who had the benefit of forty to fifty un¬broken years with Sai Baba, may be considered among the foremost of his devotees. He was the first to worship Baba, the first to greet him on his arrival in Shirdi and to address him as.

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Ganpat Ram ji asks Kulkarni Sarkar why he never tried to throw Sai out of this town. Kulkarni Sarkar asks him if he thinks he has never tried it. Like I said, he has many disciples here who believe blindly in him. I have called some men and police from neighbouring villages. Ganpat Ram ji says I am pleased to know that someone like you is looking after Shirdi. Jai Gurudev! Kulkarni Sarkar asks him if he is Dattatre’s disciple Ganpat Ram ji nods. Is there a Dattatre temple in Shirdi? Kulkarni Sarkar denies. There is one in the village next to us. You can come over at my place and have some refreshments. Ganpat Ram ji says I cannot eat anything till the time I seek Dattatre’s blessings.

Keshav notices his mother in the temple. She is sweating and shaking profusely. He gets concerned. She recalls her husband’s threat. If I cannot say anything for my own selfish reasons then it is better to remain quiet. I vow to remain silent till the time Sai gets out of this problem. Keshav asks her to say something but she keeps looking towards the idol.

Who Was Kulkarni Sarkar In Shirdi Sai Baba

Vasundhara touches Veenu’s forehead and realises that he has fever. Veenu’s sister also requests him to wake up. She runs to call Vaid ji.

Keshav keeps requesting her mother to say something. He asks his wife if she knows something. Tejasvi says how I would know the reason behind her drama. I cannot understand anything. They hear Kulkarni Sarkar calling out to his family members. Bring something for the guests.

Kids ask Sai to tell them a story. He agrees. He asks Tatya to go home and tell him to make a specific dish for him. I want to eat that today. Tatya shoots him a confused glance but then heads home. Sai smiles.

Keshav comes downstairs. Kulkarni Sarkar decides to make sure he is not able to find out what’s going on here. He might make a mess for him. Ganpat Ram ji asks Kulkarni Sarkar who he is. Kulkarni Sarkar introduces him to Ganpat Ram ji. Keshav says Om Sai Ram as he greets Ganpat Ram ji. Ganpat Ram ji is puzzled to hear it. Kulkarni Sarkar says I am sure now you would have understood my pain. People of my wn family are crazy for him. He is a well educated, foreign return Barrister. He stays with Sai to look after him. He hasn’t given me even a glass of water but he washes feet of that Fakir. Keshav calls it a lie. Sai never stopped me from making my decisions. I dint want to go to London yet I went there for further studies. Why stay away from someone who wants me to become a better man? Ganpat Ram ji says I have understood everything clearly now. Whatever you told me about Sai was true. Kulkarni Sarkar smirks while Keshav is shocked. Ganpat Ram ji says everyone will believe this truth when I will arrest Sai today. Tejasvi smiles. Keshav says Sai isn’t what you think him to be. Baba does not like Sai anyways. He will never tell you the truth about Sai. Ganpat Ram ji says I feel pity to hear such a well read man say such things. That man is a thief! Keshav disagrees. We will see how you will take him from here. Ganpat Ram ji blocks his way. He tells Kulkarni Sarkar to make sure Keshav wont step out of the house till the time Sai is arrested. Kulkarni Sarkar is more than happy to oblige. I have complete faith in law after all.

Sai is telling a story about the arrogance of a cock. World is huge. Considering yourself as the most important person in the world is a mistake. The kids nod. A girl asks Sai to tell them another story.

Keshav’s mother takes him upstairs. He asks her where she is taking him. She points outside. They see a line of policemen stationed outside taking instructions from Ganpat Ram ji. Rukmani opens the backdoor for Keshav. He touches her feet and then leaves. Rukmani notices her husband picking up his rifle. She gets scared. Santa is hesitant but Kulkarni Sarkar wants to go there well prepared to face anything. Kulkarni Sarkar tells Ganpat ji he wants to see Sai getting arrested with his own eyes. The termite named Sai will be cleared from Shirdi today. I want to witness it. Ganpat ji agrees. Rukmani prays for Sai’s well being. Ram Krishna Hari! Tejasvi smiles.

Sai is untangling the yarn again.

Keshav informs Appa Kote and a few other villagers that police has come to arrest Sai. They all head in different directions to spread the word. Everyone who gets to know about this goes to inform the rest of the villagers.

Kulkarni Sarkar Of Shirdi

Ganpat ji, Kulkarni Sarkar, Santa, Banta and the policemen are headed towards Dwarkamai.

Sai picks a dry leaf and packs some udi in it.

Villagers from all direction march towards Dwarkamai.

Who Was Kulkarni Sarkar In Shirdi Darshan

Sai picks up his bag and looks outside.

Vasundhara’s daughter tries to convince Vaid ji to come to their home and save her brother but he refuses to help her. You are from a thief’s family after all! She begs him to trust her but he closes the door on her face.

Kulkarni Sarkar fumes as he notices the villagers coming towards Dwarkamai. This is what I feared! I don’t think that Fakir will go easily with you. Ganpat ji says I will see how he wont. Chandorkar ji stands in front of everyone else. Ganpat ji asks the villagers to let them do their duty. Mhalsapati denies. We don’t trust in the law that considers our Sai a culprit. Villagers echo his thought. Ganpat ji says law has no personal enmity with Sai. Baizama asks him what Sai has done. Ganpat ji says he has stolen jewellery. Everyone is taken aback. Ganpat ji says 3 summons have been sent by Dhule police station but he has ignored all of them. I have been ordered to bring him to Dhule. Appa speaks of evidence. We will come to Dhule with you and give statement in his favour. How can he steal in Dhule when he never left Shirdi? Kulkarni Sarkar asks him why Sai dint go to Dhule if he is innocent. Ganpat ji agrees. Anyone who wants to give a statement should come forward with a proof. I must arrest Sai at this moment though.

Who Was Kulkarni Sarkar In ShirdiKulkarni

Precap: Villagers lie down on the ground to block the way. Ganpat ji says why worry when you know he hasn’t done anything. Your revolt is a proof that your faith in Sai is shallow! Baizama asks everyone to move aside. Villagers comply. Ganpat ji and Kulkarni Sarkar reach Dwarkami but Sai is not there.

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