Vlc Player Freezes Mac


  1. However, VLC MKV playback issues have troubled the users from time to time. Fortunately, there's a tutorial that walks you through how to stop VLC from stuttering, jumping or even freezing when playing high definition 1080p, 720p MKV files on Windows and Mac. Q1: VLC sound issues with large MKV files.
  2. Installed VLC 2.2.8 and it had the same issue on Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.1. Total freeze of video for 3 seconds while sound keeps playing. And much worse keyboard and the touchpad are also none responsive. Meaning the whole macbook is frozen for 3 seconds. Can not even adjust the volume! With x264 encoded videos. Going back to VLC 2.0.10.
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March 17, 2008 technology, tutorial, videos crash, fix, Mac, OS X, VLC rahulnair I’ve been a big fan of the VLC media player on the Mac and have been using it exclusively as my media player. However at some point the VLC player got very funky and suddenly stopped playing all video content. Fix vlc player stuttering You can also fix VLC player lagging issue by changing video output modules. Step 1: Launch VLC media player, click 'Tools' 'Preferences' on the menu bar. Or you can press 'Ctrl + P' directly.

Vlc Player Crashing Mac

Since the two updates that I installed yesterday ( the mac os 10.13.2 and the iTunes) VLC seems to be freezing up. Last night when I would go to open up a video file it would freeze at beginning of play. The audio would continue but the image was frozen. No way to get out of it without turning off iMac from the power on button in the back. After several times I stopped last night.Freezes
This morning I re-installed VLC and it appeared to be working ok until I went to shrink down the video and then it again froze but the audio continued. I am using the latest version 2.2.8
Vlc Player Freezes MacHas anyone else been experiencing this?

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Thanks in advance.