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Train Simulator (originally RailWorks) is a train simulation game developed by Dovetail Games. It is the successor to Rail Simulator, and was released online on 12 June 2009 and in stores on 3 July 2009. The first release of RailWorks contained all five real-world routes of the original European and North American releases of Rail Simulator, and added three new fictional routes: Hedborough. Roam Free VR is a provider of arena scale VR game solutions for the amusement industry. Our product is a fully immersive Virtual Reality experience for ages 13 and above. We provide the hardware and software so you can have a high quality VR solution that is designed to bring a fast return on investment.

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From everything I read this is not possible. What I would really want to do is set up a regular service back and forth passing through my main yard and still have the ability to 'play trains' in the remainder of the system. The regular service doesn't stop, it simply passes through the yard once in each direction once a day, also the tracks used by the regular service do not interact in any way with any of the remainder of the network...
How about if I setup a standard scenario with the scheduled service included and a designated drivers engine some rolling stock and some kind of dummy task which I ignore?
Never done anything with scenarios so any pointers are welcome...

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  1. Train and rail yard simulator lets you step into the shoes of a train engineer. Climb into a cab of a powerful locomotive and deliver freight cars to different yards around the map. Split and build your trains by coupling and decoupling rail cars and engines. Operate railroad switches to navigate your trains around yards and through junctions. Features: Different maps and game modes, including.
  2. The Euro Train Simulator: Train Sim New Train Game have been authentically recreated with maximum details. This is a high quality railroad simulation games covering every destination in the world. Features: Different maps and game modes, including missions and free roam mode, corking railroad switches, coupling and decoupling of rail cars.
  3. Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019 is the most expandable, customisable, extendable train simulator ever created. End of your route to the other in Mini-Map View. You are also free to roam anywhere, and change your Field of View for cinematic effect. Your passion with like-minded Trainz enthusiasts keen to create content, build routes.