Sims 4 Cc Bunk Beds

  • The ladder can also be placed on either side of the bunk or loft bed. Downloads the sims 4 beds the sims 4. A cc creator made functional bunk beds for the sims 4. This means our main source of income to cover bandwidth costs is blocked when you are using our free service.
  • Cc bunk beds are awesome. I have to say they actually work (you can use both beds) but since there are no in-game animations for it, there is no way for your sims to actually get to the upper bed.
  • Sims 4 CC Decor, Objects: Hipster Loft Bunk Bed and Mattresses for Bunk Beds from Veranka. Sims 4 Downloads.
  • I just watched Videos on youtube about how to make Bunk Beds in the Sims 4, they all looked so awesome, But I have 1 problem with that, They may look awesome in the game and such, But our Sims can not use them, why you ask?, because they were not made to be used, our Sims can probably use the bottom bed, But not the rest of it, EA & Maxis needs to step it up and Add in Bunk Beds that our Sim.

If you're new around here, welcome!! If you're not, welcome back!! I give you my latest room build!! (Been a long time coming) but here it is!!

The Best Bedroom and Bed CC & Mods

When designing a bedroom, everything needs to be in tact with each other. You can’t have your dresser and bed in different wood colors, or with an entirely opposite color tones. We’ve faced this problem many times while building in The Sims 4, and we’ve found the solution in adding many more Mods and CC. That way we have plenty of options to help us build the rooms of our dreams. And if you’re like us, then you probably need some of these extensions!

If you want to complete your sims’ bedroom with awesome pillow mods and custom content items, you should have a look at this list of the best pillow mods for The Sims 4!

Here are the Best Bedroom and Bed Mods & CC for The Sims 4

Melina Bed for Toddlers

Right here, we have one of the most popular CC on the entire internet – over 460,000 downloads at The Sims Resource! This bed is modern but can very well fit into some classic settings if chosen in its natural wood color. Thanks to Soloriya for creating this one .

Melina Curtain for Bed

And here are the available curtains for the previous bed. There are a total of four variants, matching the recolors of the bed itself. And if you liked the bed, then you’re going to love these too!

Sims 4 Cc Bunk Beds Tsr

Calligraphik BedDouble

Pilar has brought us a full sized bed and we love everything about it! Its base skin is black and grey, with lighter a shade of wood. But, its recolors are also beautiful and might be perfect for you.

Jules bed mattress

Mattresses are often overlooked when fishing for Sims 4 CC. But trust us, you need to get some of these if you want to freshen up your home or create an entirely new and unique look for yourself. Simcredible!’s pack has 4 lovely mattresses, each with different pattern and grace. They’re awesome!

Bedroom Minh – Bed Double

From Ung999 we have this elegant bed. It certainly doesn’t belong into a teen or a kid’s room, but if can find a way to fit it in, then go for it. However, we’ve found that it goes extremely well in a contemporary houses and city apartments. It’s just gorgeous inside the game and we recommend it 100%!

Francium Double Bed

We love what Wondymoon has done here! A simple full sized bed but so gentle and graceful that we can’t help but use it all the time! The texture is highly realistic and the colors go extremely well with it. It has nearly 400,000 downloads at The Sims Resource and the author deserves much respect!

Bedroom Minh – Fireplace

Fireplaces never get out of style. Ung999’s example here is of a modern design, but it’s equally charming as the classic fireplaces. If you’ve got a place in your living for it, then we definitely recommend you to put it!

Francium Double Bed Blanket

When we first saw the creations of Wondymoon we were utterly surprised. Her beds especially speak to us on another level. We adore this one, with 3 unique covers can match the vibe of every home. Our favorite is the one with the black and white strips, but you can choose which ever you want.

Jules bed cover

When people talk of “classic” design, they often mean one that is made out of polished brown wood. Well, here is a mattress in two version where the brown color is predominant and two others of grey/white shades. But all of them are lovely and deserved to be shared even more!

Jules bed frame

And to complete the bed, you will need the frames! Simcredible! has made them perfectly in tone with the mattresses. There are dark and light variants, so you can combine them to no end and create your own look.

Bedroom Jasper – Bed Double

This is one of the most comfortable beds that the sims 4 community owns. The wood looks very natural and the bed is supported by drawers on the both sides, which makes it very realistic. Many thanks go to Ung999 for creating this CC and publishing it at The Sims Resource where it has nearly 400,000 downloads!

Jules bed cover recolor

Simcredible! has another set of mattresses, but these are more colorful and vibrant. We just low how they appear inside the game and we can’t get enough of using them. And the internet agrees with us – 356,000 downloads worldwide!

Alwine bedroom

If you’re just too busy to build an entire room, then take a look at some designs by Severinka_. Her rooms are fantastic to live in and she has a great talent for matching colors and styles. Tell us whether you like the bright and brown one, or the black and darker one more.


Bedroom Jasper – Blanket

Sims 4 Loft Bed Cc


If you’ve liked some of Ung999’s beds, then here are some blankets to freshen up their looks. While the color themes are all similar, the patterns are what make them all beautiful. Decorate with style, decorate with Ung999!

Bedroom Minh – Pillow R

And why don’t we add some pillows to make everything look richer! These stunning designs have taken the internet over and they’re currently counting a 315,000 downloads at The Sims Resource. Yellow, black, blue, grey – pick your favorite version or get them all and go wild!

Bedroom Minh – Rug

These small rugs have the power to complete the looks of your bedroom if you set them right. The variants are simple – creamy, grey, and blue one. But, their secret power is that they’re super gentle and super cute, which lets them slide in every style and theme. Just try and see!

Bedroom Minh – Throw Blanket

But the bed doesn’t always have to look perfectly. So why don’t you relax and some of these messy thrown blankets by Ung999? They belong in the clutter category and they come in three different designs. More clutter CC is listed here!

Bedroom Anel – Wallpaper

The Sims 4 doesn’t offer us much unique choices when it comes to wallpapers. Luckily, Ung999 has taken care of that as well, bringing us 6 adorable ones. All of them are high quality in appearance and can go extremely well with the rest of her items. Don’t hesitate to try them out!

Black White Bedroom – Pillow

For all of you out there who love the contemporary feel and enjoy decorating along those lines – these pillows will make a perfect addition in your collection. There are a total of 4 options in this pack and you can use them as much as you want!


Bed blanket Angel

If you’ve really liked the previous messy blankets, Severinka_ has made some more! Although the color options here are bright, they’re also very gentle shades and don’t break the feel of the room once you try them out. Head over to The Sims Resource or download them quickly from our link!

Bedroom Minh – Armoire

Every bedroom deserves high dressers to store all the bed sheaths, blankets, and clothes. In this pack, 4 versions are available for you, all in sleek and polished wood. They’re in a soft and mellow tone, which is essential for decorating a nice and relaxing home.

Bedroom Minh – End Table

Bed end tables aren’t a necessary piece, but they can enhance the looks of your rooms if you set them right. Ung999 has done these with a great care to not steal all the attention in the room but to certainly not be invisible too. So if you like them, then definitely give them a try!

Bedroom Jasper – Dresser

This set of dresser is one of the most beautiful CC we own! If there is one thing that that really stands out here is the woodwork. It’s in high quality and can reflect the feeling of your home when you use them. They’ve been downloaded over 340,000 times already and we recommend them to everyone!

Black White Bedroom – Bed Double

We often like to simplify things when we build a house by narrowing down the color choices. These beds are often the ace in our sleeves when designing the bedrooms, because they fit so damn well in minimalistic settings. They look amazing in game and you should try them too!

Black White Bedroom – Dresser

Speaking of minimalism, here are some dresser if you’re going along that style. Besides the black and white version, there is a wooden one in a dark brown shade. But all three look captivating, delicate, and pleasing.

Bedroom Jasper – Rug

More than often, we like to set our homes without rugs at all. But when we first saw these, our jaws just dropped! All of our bathrooms have at least one of these patterns, as well as our kitchens. Their popularity rate at The Sims Resource is also very high – over 330,000 downloads!

That’s What She Bed – Bunk Bed Frame

Bunk Beds can be immensely fun! And not just for siblings or close friends! In this pack you will find 8 recolors, both manly and girly. So if you want to save up some space and pile up your beds, then here you go!

3 to 4 Hover Bed

If you’re missing some bed covers, Biguglyhag got you covered! Her creation here is simple enough to fit every bed, but it’s also perfectly sweet in its own way. And if that is what you’re going for, then get it from our direct link!

3 to 4 Katy Perry Candy Toddler Bed

Toddlers deserve the best beds possible out there! That’s why we’re featuring here this nice and comfy set by Biguglyhag. It got colors, decorations, coziness, and cuteness – what else does it need?

Canopy Toddler Bed

Dreams are made in a cushy and snuggly bed, where you can fall asleep as easily as a song and dream your world away… That is what we offer for your toddlers here – large and compact bed with curtains. Splendid!

Castaway Stories Crib As a Toddler Bed

But why not throw away the traditional look and go for some natural choices? This bed has a rough woodwork and it’s made from trees in the wild. It is also covered with heavy rugs, similar to the Navajo blanket. We use it in every cottage or holiday home we create!

Luxurious Peace of Bedding

But if natural isn’t your cup of tea, then opt in for some luxurious beddings. This CC is done by the amazing Standardheld who not only has managed to keep the realistic look here, but to also add some special loveliness to it. You can download it quickly through our direct link!

Stone Age Bed

When we go for a bit of fantasy simming, this bed is often what we used. Even though it’s made out of stone, there is a certain warm feeling to it that we really like. There are multiple blanket choices to make it your own, so you won’t mistake if you decide to download it.

Swan Toddler Bed

And we end this long list on a special note! A gorgeous swan bed for your toddler Sims! The base version is pinky, but there is a black and creamy white one as well. It’s tons of fun to build a room around this bed, so we challenge you to do it! Happy simming!