Rome Total War Julii Strategy

Rome: Total War is real time turn based tactical strategy game that takes place from 270 BCE to 14 CE, showcasing the final centuries of the Republican period and the early decades of the imperial period of Ancient Rome.


In Rome: Total War, the Seleucids are given the most diverse army of any faction in the game, with units including phalanxes, legionaries, elephants, companions, cataphracts, and scythed chariots. The Seleucid’s historical elite phalanx, the Silver Shields ( Argyriaspids ) are included, both in phalanx and legionnaire form. Rome: Total War (often abbreviated to RTW or Rome) is a critically acclaimed strategy game comprised of turn-based strategy and real-time tactics parts in which the player fights historical and fictitious battles within the Roman era. The game was developed by Creative Assembly and released on September 22, 2004.

Rome Total War Julii Strategy

Publisher – Android, iOS, Mac OS X version of game is published by Feral Interactive. Original game was developed by The Creative Assembly and published by Activision. Its publishing rights have since passed to Sega.

Rome Total War Brutii Strategy

Rome Total War Julii Strategy
  1. Note that when building an army, always try to equip it with a wide variety of warriors. Include spearmen to defend against cavalry, heavy infantry to combat the enemy's spearmen and other infantry, cavalry to outmaneuver your enemy or to match theirs, archers or javelin-men to harass your enemy before your melee units engage, and when you have a city advanced enough to build some, siege.
  2. » Strategy » Rome: Total War. Not being rude here depending on which version of Rome Total War you have the 'masses' used to be known as plebs. But honestly I think the Julii are the best.
  3. The Total War battle engine isn’t like a typical real-time strategy game. You don’t simply rubber band select all of your units, click on the enemy unit, and watch the fight unfold.

Platform – Windows / MacOS / iOS / Android

Rome Total War Julii Walkthrough

Gameplay – You have to fight for Rome in the game.You can play the game in 2 different modes – One is real-time battles mode that occurs in 3D battlefields. Other is turn-based single player campaign mode which takes place on overhead map of the world.

In turn-based campaign, you conquer cities and provinces, make improvements and move armies around the map as you expand your empire. In real-time battles you have to use tactics to crush your enemies in battlefield.

Turn Based Campaign – You play as one of the three powerful Roman families – the Julii, the Brutii or the Scipii. Objective is to become emperor by conquering the provinces and outlasting certain faction or factions. You have to increase the size and glory of Rome.

Real Time Battles – Developers have done good job here, there are real time battles. Each unit has its strength and weakness against each other. You can command each units and train them on where to go and whom to attack. You have zoom option to view the battle which makes you feel you are part of it.

Things in real time battles change very quickly and you need to quickly handle things. There is auto resolution option available if you cannot micromanage units and tactics in every battle.

Rome Total War Walkthrough

Game has good graphics and controls. Turn Based campaign mode is more interesting than Real Time Battles. Players have to struggle with family dilemmas and loyalty of friends in the game.