Robertshaw To Honeywell Cross Reference

OLD Model #NEW Model #OLD Model #NEW Model #Dial Range FAir ConsumptionDescription
W/O Dial Limit StopsWith Dial Limit Stops
T12-3012211-012T12-30112211-11255 to 85 F0.017 scfm at 20 psigSingle Temp, One Pipe D.A.
T13-3012211-013T-13-30112211-11355 to 85 F0.017 scfm at 20 psigSingle Temp, One Pipe R.A.
T18-3012212-118T-18-30112212-12855 to 85 F15.6 scim at 20 psigSingle Temp, Two Pipe D.A.
T18-3052212-301N/AN/A35 to 65 F15.6 scim at 20 psigSingle Temp, Two Pipe D.A.
T18-3062212-302N/AN/A75 to 105 F15.6 scim at 20 psigSingle Temp, Two Pipe D.A.
T19-3012212-119T19-30112212-12955 to 85 F15.6 scim at 20 psigSingle Temp, Two Pipe R.A.
T19-305OBSOLETEN/AN/A35 to 65 F15.6 scim at 20 psigSingle Temp, Two Pipe R.A.
T19-3062212-304N/AN/A75 to 105 F15.6 scim at 20 psigSingle Temp, Two Pipe R.A.
T23-3012214-121T23-30112214-131Day 55 to 85 F Night 50 to 80 F29.4 scim at 16 psig 43.2 scim at 25 psigDay-Night Thermostat, Two Pipe D.A.16 psig day25 psig night
T24-3012214-122T24-30112214-132Day 55 to 85 F Night 50-to 80 F29.4 scim at 16 psig 43.2 scim at 25 psigDay-Night Thermostat, Two Pipe R.A. 16 psig day 25 psig night
T27-3012216-126T27-30112216-136Day 55 to85 F Night 50 to 90 F29.4 scim at 16 psig 43.2 scim at 25 psigDay-Night Thermostat, Three-pipe with manual reset D.A. 16 psig day 25 psig night
T32-3012218-132T32-30112218-14255 to 85 F31.1 scim at 16 psig 43.2 scim at 25 psigSummer-Winter, throttling range adj 2 to 12 16 psig Main – R.A. Summer 25 psig Main – D.A. Winter
T32-3212218-134N/AN/A55 to 85 F22.5 scim at 13 psig 34.5 scim at 18 psigSummer-Winter, Thermostat for use with Honeywell 13 to 18 psig systems 13 psig Main – R.A. Summer 18 psig Main – D.A. Winter
T33-3012218-133N/AN/A55 to 85 F29.4 scim at 15 psig 34.5 scim at 20 psigSummer-Winter Thermostat for use with Johnson main air systems. 25 psig Main – R.A. Summer 16 psig Main – D.A. Winter

Honeywell, Robertshaw and White-Rodgers make OEM parts and may obsolete parts and replace them with new part numbers. If you search for your Honeywell, Robertshaw or White-Rodgers number and do not get results, try searching for other numbers on the valve or call us with your equipment manufacturer's model and serial number. GOODMAN B1172606 X XX X ROBERTSHAW/UNILINE 41-401 IGN-401 780-401. TrueStart Igniters Cross Reference. IGNITER CROSS REFERENCE IGN-001 IGN-001 COMPANY O.E.M. Universal hot surface ignition module replaces multiple field installed hot surface ignition modules supplied by Honeywell, White-Rodgers, Robertshaw and Johnson. Uses a 120 VAC igniter. Includes cross reference, instructions, and accessories for easy replacement. Compatible Robertshaw Parts Cross Reference Info; Mfg Part Number Manufacturer Name Replacement Part Description Notes Status; VR8304M3509: HONEYWELL: 700-056: Universal Model: Also requires 1751-013: production. 36C03 (U) -333 and -433 Universal Combination Controls Cross Reference Chart Manufacturer Competitor Part Number Comments 36C03-333 Robertshaw 700-101 Regulator of replacement is set at 3.5 W.C.; requires use of reducer bushings.

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Guide to aquastat control selection for heating boilers or water heaters:

How to figure out which aquastat controller your heating boiler or water heater wants and needs.

This article series explains how aquastats work and what the different aquastat controls are, what they do, and how they are set. We define the HI LO and DIFF controls on heating boiler aquastats and explains what they do and how they work. We explain the location and use of the heating boiler reset button found on aquastats.

We also provide a MASTER INDEX to this topic, or you can try the page top or bottom SEARCH BOX as a quick way to find information you need.

Aquastat Selection Guides

The photo at page top shows a Honeywell R8182D combination heating control, also called an 'aquastat'. Shown in in our illustration here is the Honeywell L8148 Aquastat. So what's th difference among the many types of aquastats used on heating boilers and water heaters or calorifiers or geysers and how do we know which aquastat should be installed?

[Click to enlarge any image]

Question: how do I know which aquastat controller to use on my heater

Iva said:

How do I know if the aquastat controller is the right one for my oil burner furnance.


Let's start by being sure we're talking about the same type of heating equipment, Iva. I call forced air or warm air heating systems 'furnaces', hot water heating systems 'boilers' or 'hydronic heating systems', and steam heating systems or 'steam boilers'.

If you're not sure what kind of heat you have,


That out of the way, aquastats are controllers used on hot water or hydronic heating system boilers to control the boiler's heating burner by turning it on or off in response to the boiler temperature, and often to also switch a heating zone circulator pump on or off. Aquastats also may have additional controls and features as I'll describe below.

Features & Properties of a Heating Boiler Aquastat

Basic aquastat features are few and simple:

An aquastat just has a few basic functions to perform: control the high limit that will turn on and off the burner in a response to a call for heat, and to keep heat in the boiler to support a tankless coil if one is installed.

If your boiler doesn't use a tankless coil then you don't need those features, so you would either choose a simpler aquastat without support for a coil or you'd choose one that has those features but turn the features off in the control.

Aquastat models vary by physical orientation

Some confusion among aquastat models has to do with the need to physically fit the aquastat in position on the boiler where other pipes and controls may be in its way. So the same aquastat might be sold designed to be mounted with its rectangular body oriented vertically versus horizontally.

Aquastats vary by using a temperature sensor integral with the aquastat versus a temperature sensor at the end of a flexible coil

Most aquastats mount directly to the body of the boiler, with a temperature sensor on the back of the aquastat designed to insert into a temperature sensor well on the boiler (along with some heat conductive grease). You can see that type of aquastat by looking at the back of the Honeywell L8148 aquastat shown just above.

Other aquastats may have a temperature sensor fixed directly to the aquastat back - shown below using a White Rodgers Aquastat #1131-102 produced by Emerson Controls - White Rodgers whose website, unlike their competitor Honeywell, make it almost impossible to find a chart or table listing all of the company's boiler and water heater controls: they prefer that you give White Rodgers/Emerson a call.

But if there is not enough room around the temperature sensing well on a particular boiler, then an aquastat might mount somewhere nearby while its temperature probe is at the end of a flexible coil of tubing so that the sensor itself can be inserted into the sensor well.

Use a Universal Replacement Aquastat to Simplify Control Selection

1. To simplify aquastat replacement across a very wide range of boilers, manufacturers like Honeywell make a 'universal'replacement unit.

If you choose a universal type aquastat to put on your heating boiler then you're pretty safe that the device can be made to work correctly for your needs.

That's because the specific features that need to be tailored, such as a presence or absence of a tankless coil for domestic hot water, or the actual temperature settings, can be set or chosen using the universal aquastats built-in features.

2. Typically the installation manual for your boiler will specify what type of controller it needs.

3 the manufacturers of aquastats also include or provide a substitution chart so that if you are replacing an existing control that is no longer sold you can find a model that replaces it

So How do I Choose an Aquastat - 'which aquastat do I need' ?

I agree that the number of aquastat controller models can be overwhelming; one needs to consult both the boiler manufacturer and the aquastat manufacturer to see what heating boiler features need to be controlled by the aquastat, what sort of burner and burner electrical wiring need to be controlled by the aquastat, the placement of the aquastat's temperature sensing device, and also the physical mounting space for the aquastat.

If you Do Know the Brand & Model of Aquastat that you are Replacing Use One of These Cross Reference Charts

Then use a manufacturer's aquastat cross reference or replacement chart or select a universal replacement aquastat model.

  • HONEYWELL AQUASTAT CROSS REFERENCE CHART [PDF] or call Honeywell Customer Service at 1 (877) 841-2840 Website:
  • HONEYWELL HEATING AND COOLING PARTS CROSS-REFERENCE GUIDE [PDF] (2015) Honeywell Automation and Control Solutions, 1985 Douglas Drive North Golden Valley, MN 55422-3992 Tel: 1-800-328-5111, e-mail [email protected] Website: or YouTube: @honeywellcpro
  • ROBERTSHAW CONTROL CROSS REFERENCE CHART [PDF] or contact Robertshaw Controls,
    Robertshaw - HeadquartersItasca, Illinois USACustomer Service #: +1.800.304.6563 USA,
    Controles Temex S. de R.L. de C.V / Robertshaw Laredo WarehouseNuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, MexicoCustomer Service #: +1.956.242.6093,
    offices in North America,
    Europe, in the Czech Republic, Italy and Slovakia, including Robertshaw - S.R.L.Milan, ItalyGeneral Phone #: +39.02.69933.1
    Asia, Pacific, including: Robertshaw - (India) Controls Pvt. Ltd.Survey. No. 197 (Part),Viman Nagar, Nagar RoadPune, Maharashtra 411 014, IndiaOffice Phone #: +91.020.4912.3300
    Robertshaw - Australia Pty LimitedNorth Rocks, NSW 2151 AustraliaCustomer Service Phone #: +61.296.317.999 Australia, Website:
  • Emerson Controls / White Rodgers heater controls are not listed in an easy-to-find cross reference chart; youll have to contact the company or enter a single specific control model number to find the company's recommendation. Since you'll find that trying to
    contact Emerson Climate Technologies will require you to fill in a web page form and submit it, (pretty dry) we dug out the company's U.S. address: Emerson Climate Technologies Incorporated. 1675 West Campbell Road. Sidney, OH 45365-0669 USA, Phone: 937-498-3011 (The company also has offices in Europe) OR you may prefer to try this
    White-Rodgers Model Number Search / Cross Reference [WEBSITE]

If you Don't Know the Previous Aquastat Brand & Model Find the Controller Features Your Heater Needs

Basically, if you do not know the brand and model of the aquastat that you are replacing, then you choose an aquaststat by finding or specifying both boiler features and physical installation space for your specific boiler - which is why I said start with the boiler's installation manual.

Examples of Features on Aquastats

Multi-purpose aquastats are controls that manage both heating boiler on and off temperatures or maintenance temperatures and also other features or services. Here are things you'll consider when choosing an aquastat of this type:

  • The type of equipment to be controlled: hydronic heating boiler, water heater, solar water heater, something else
  • The recommendations of the manufacturer of the boiler or water heater in the boiler's or water heater's installation manual
  • The specific equipment features that need to be controlled: presence or absence of a tankless coil (for domestic hot water supply) or an automatic vent damper, or perhaps working with an outdoor temperature sensor or other energy savings system
  • The temperature ranges that need to be controlled in the boiler or for its tankless coil - aquastat models also vary in the temperature range that they are intended to control, though most will control boiler temperatures between about 65 degF and 200 degF
    The horizontal mounting Honeywell Aquastat No. L8148A1017 provides a DIFF range of 8 deg F while the vertical mounting Honeywell Aquastat No. L8148E1265 provides a DIFF range of 15 degF.
  • The physical mounting locations for the aquastat controller and the space available for mounting over the boiler's temperature sensing well or at a different spot on the boiler
  • The mounting position of the aquastat controller: horizontal or vertical. A horizontal mount combination aquastat example is the Honeywell L8148A1017 while a vertical mount combination aquastat example is the Honeywell L8148E1265
  • Other special features wanted or needed on the aquastat, such as the manual 'reset' button on the Honeywell L4006H1004 strap-on aquastat
    (Note: strap-on aquastats mount directly onto a hot water heating pipe rather than on to the boiler itself - in our opinion this is an obsolete approach that is less reliable than direct-sensor aquastats - see LIMIT CONTROL, SINGLE at )
    A vertical mount combination aquastat like the Honeywell L8148E1257 adds a special feature: the control of an automatic vent damper.

Here is an example of aquastat sub-models and their differences using the Honeywell L6006 and L6007 Aquastat Controller as a model:

These Aquastat® Controllers operate in response to temperature changes in hydronic heating systems. They provide spdt switching for three-wire applications. The L6006A,B, and L6007A combine low or high limit and circulator control; L6006C combines circulator control with low and high limit.

The L6006A,B are for horizontal insertion; the A model uses an immersion well; the B model uses a capsule compression fitting for direct immersion. The L6006C is for horizontal or vertical surface mounting. The L6007A is for horizontal or vertical insertion using an immersion well .

Aquastats including a Differential Control

Aquastats in 'combination' mode include a feature to support the presence of a tankless coil, by providing a LOW-DIFF control pair; the number of degrees in the DIFF or 'differential' setting may vary, but in general the DIFF setting controls the number of degrees of temperature range to be maintained in the boiler to support a tankless coil used to make domestic hot water (washing and bathing).

At AQUASTAT CONTROLS we explain and define the HI LO and DIFF


At AQUASTAT HI LO DIFF SETTINGS we describe the best HI LO DIFF settings to use

At AQUASTAT LO & DIFF DISABLED we explain how to disable the LO and DIFF if you are installing a combination aquastat on a boiler that doesn't sport a tankless coil used for making domestic hot water (for washing and bathing)

Single-purpose Aquastats

Single purpose aquastats are used on older heating equipment and on some water heaters. So if your heating appliance is a water heater that needs only a HI limit and LO limit it may use an aquastat like the Honeywell L6006C1018 offering a boiler temperature range of 65 to 200 deg F while the single purpose HI LO aquastat Honeywell L4006A2007 controls temperatures from 100 to 240 degF and adds a DIFF adjustable between 5 and 30 degF.

You can see that the L4006A2007 would be suitable for a water heater but not a home heating boiler.

Aquastat & Boiler Controls & Information Sources

We provide links just below to several aquastat installation, setting, and adjustment documents in response to reader requests and comments that people sometimes have difficulty finding this information. But readers looking for specific aquastat control information should always first try the control manufacturer.

  • Armstrong 24-hour time and aquastat control accessory: provides on/off pump control according to preset operating times, designed only for use with specified Armstrong Astro series wet roto circulators installed in indoor hot water re circulation applications. Typical timer applications will cycle the pump at preset times, allowing the user to selectoperation of the circulating pump during high peak usage periods in order to decrease thedelivery time to outlet fixtures and reduce wasted water, also available at
  • Honeywell Corporation, control installation guides for Honeywell aquastats and other heating and cooling controls: see
  • Honeywell L4008E Aquastat high limit,manual reset, aquastat controller instructions
  • Honeywell L4041A,C Pool Heater Aquastat Controller Instructions, also available at
  • Honeywell L4006, Manual Reset Strap-On Aquastat (high limit control, 100 to 240 °F) [we consider strap on controls less accurate and reliable than immersion type sensor controls; these were commonly found on older heating boilers including the GE series downfired boilers]
  • HONEYWELL L4006A,B,E, H HIGH LIMIT CONTROL MANUAL [PDF] (2005) Honeywell International Inc. Honeywell Limited-Honeywell Limitée1985 Douglas Drive North 35 Dynamic DriveGolden Valley, MN 55422 USA or
    Honeywell Scarborough, Ontario M1V
    Excerpts: These boiler-mounted, immersion type controllersoperate in response to temperature changes in hydronicheating systems.
    L4006A breaks the circuit on a temperature rise to thecontrol setting. It is used for high limit or low limit control.When used as a controller or as a low limit, a separatehigh limit must be used.
    L4006B makes the circuit on a temperature rise. It isused as a circulator controller, delaying circulatoroperation when boiler water temperature is below thecontrol setting.
    L4006E,H includes a trip-free manual reset switch.These models are designed to break the control circuitwhenever the temperature of the controlled mediumreaches the high limit setting. A reset button on the frontof the case must be pressed to re-establish the controlcircuit.
    L4006H also includes bracket and clamp forsurface mounting on pipe or tank.
  • HONEYWELL L4006A,B,C,E,G and L4007A CONTROLLERS MANUAL [PDF] (older units)
  • Honeywell L4026B Aquastat control instructions (contact Honeywell Corporation) Here is some basic description of the Honeywell L4026B control, also available at
  • Honeywell L4029 Reset Limit Control, also available at
  • Honeywell L4103A,B,C Combination Aquastat and High Limit Controller Instructions, also available at
  • Honeywell L6006A Aquastat Controller installation instructions, also available at
  • Honeywell L6006 and L6007 Aquastat Controllers, installation instructions for the trained service technician, these controls combine low or high limit and circulator control, with or without an immersion well depending on the control model A,B, C etc., also available at
  • Honeywell L6191 Dual aquastat immersion thermostat, also available at
  • Honeywell R7184 Interrupted Electronic Oil Primary R7184A,B,P,U Installation Instructions, also available at
  • Honeywell R7184 Series Primary Controls Technicians Quick Reference Guide, also available at
  • Honeywell L7224 Aquastat Controller, oil electronic controls allowing high limit, high limit differential, low limit, and separate low limit differential settings - set to the specifications of your oil heating equipment manufacturer - 69-1957-1 L7224 Series controls, also available at
  • Honeywell L7224U Oil Electronic Aquastat Controller - 69-1720-2 series instructions. These newer aquastat controllers are often used to replace the older Honeywell L8124A series that was and remains widely used, also available at
    • L7224U1002- is a universal electronic aquastat (replacing over 40 other aquastat models) that provides circulator, burner and boiler temperature control with electronic temperature sensing. The L7224U1002 provides status and diagnostic information through an LED display to enhance the diagnostic process.
      In 'Run' mode the LED displays the boiler temperature followed by the ambient temperature. Buttons inside the control permit the service tech to scan through the control's settings as well as to change them, much like the functions on a programmable room thermostat. Using the 'I' button, the LED display can be cycled through: boiler temperature, high limit, low limit, high differential, low differential, local thermostat status, EnviraCOM thermostat status, Burner status, Circulator status, Zone control, Zone request, Error code, °F/degC.
      Five diagnostic LEDs inside the control provide additional diagnostic features, indicating (counterclockwise from upper left) EnviraCOM network active, Thermostat calling for heat, Burner on, Power to zone circulator interrupted (lockout), Circulator powered.
      This is a 'triple aquastat' providing High, Low, and circulator controls, as well as advanced features permitting electronic configuration and an LED display for diagnostics. This aquastat can provide multiple zone control as well. The L7224U1002 supports Honeywell's EnviraCOM™ communications that permits remote diagnosis as well as OnWatch diagnostics. The low-limit can be disabled for 'cold-start' boiler applications such as where no tankless coil is in use.
    • Eight error codes: 1=sensor fault (check sensor), 2=ECOM fault, check EnviraCOM wiring, 3=Hardware fault, replace the control, 4=B1 fault, check B1 wiring/voltage, 5=Low line voltage, check L1/L2 110VAC, 6=Fuse, check ECOM wires, replace fuse, 7=EEPROM limit and differential settings, restore to desired settings, 8=Repeated B1 fault, (voltage present at B1 when output is turned off); check B1 wiring/voltage
    • Honeywell link for a powerpoint training session on this aquastat:
    • See L7224U1002 Technicians Quick Reference Guide #69-1957
  • Honeywell L8124A,B,C,E,G,LO,M Aquastat Relays immersion type controllers for forced hydronic heating systems that include domestic hot water service (such as a tankless coil), also available at
  • Honeywell R8182D,H Combination Protectorelay™ Primary Control and Aquastat® Controller Installation Instructions combination protectorelay Primary Control installation and operations manual, also available at

Reader Comments & Q&A

On 2020-09-19 - by (mod) -

which aquastat to replace a Honeywell L8124A, C

Take a look at the AQUASTAT L7224U articles above at CONTINUE READING or in the ARTICLE INDEX, Greg.

On 2020-09-19 by Greg

I have a honeywell L8124a,c that's all it says, what would I replace it with, the supply houses insist there should be a numbers after it such as l8124a1015?
Thank you

On 2019-11-05 - by (mod) -

From the page above we have a couple of Honeywell cross reference charts here's one

On 2019-11-04 by Patrick C

I have a Honeywell L4081B 1120 aquastat and need to replace it. What is the replacement or upgraded replacement aquastat I need?

On 2019-08-14 - by (mod) -

You posted this question and we replied at

On 2019-08-14 by Joe

My brother has to tap the aquastat on his boiler to turn on the burner to get hot water. His boiler is 45 years old and we got a quote today of $8,000 to replace it.

He is 67 and on Medicaid doesn’t qualify for Social Security. He lives in a small ranch house. $2,200 to repair and not replace.

One time I took the cover off the aquastat and blew in it and it started. Please comment as we are of limited resources.

On 2019-03-19 by TONY

I have an old Honeywell l8048b aquastat on a burnham holiday boiler series 2 and need to replace the aquastat but it is obslete , I need to know which one will work

On 2019-02-13 - by (mod) -

There are a couple of options
Here is an aquastat cross reference chart

On 2019-02-13 by Brodi

I have a Honeywell 6081A 1036 triple aquastat and need to replace it. What is the replacement or upgraded replacement aquastat I need?

On 2019-02-04 2 - by (mod) -

Forgive me Thomas but
Honeywell HL 6006A1012
is according to Honeywell not a valid product number.
You probably mean the Honeywell L6006 aquastat controller
Yes the L6006A aquastat can control a circulator pump; here's what Honeywell says in their product description
The L6006A,B, and L6007A combine low or high limit and circulator control; L6006C combines circulator control with low and high limit.
The L6006A,B are for horizontal insertion;
the A model uses an immersion well;
the B model uses a capsule compression fitting for direct immersion.
The L6006C is for horizontal or vertical surface mounting. The L6007A is for horizontal or vertical insertion using an immersion well
Please see details about your aquastat at these two links
in the More Reading links given just above in this article.

On 2019-02-04 by Thomas

Will a Honeywell HL 6006A1012 control a B&G 100BNFI circulator without any other timers or relays?

On 2018-06-24 - by (mod) -

which aquastats can be replaced with the Honeywell, the L7224U

Waume. According to Honeywell, the L7224U
replaces the L8124A, L8124C, L7124U, L7148A, L7248A,C, L7224A,C, and L8148A Controllers.
So yes you could go the other way and use an L8124 A or C,
Not necessarily the L8124 B,E,G,L ( )

On 2018-06-24 by wayne o

will or you a L8124B,E,G,L work or replace a L7224U


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  • Honeywell R8182D,H Combination Protectorelay™ Primary Control and Aquastat® Controller Installation Instructions combination protectorelay Primary Control installation and operations manual, also available at

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