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Free download CentOS Linux 6 - 64 bit ISO and CentOS 6 DVD, 32 bit CentOS 6 download, CentOS 6 ISO images directly from FTP / HTTP / BitTorrent mirror websites. Image files, unlike normal files, are usually not opened; rather, they are mounted. An ISO image (.iso) is simply a CD-ROM image saved in ISO-9660 format. ISO images are mainly used as source files from which to create CDs. As an example, most distributions of Linux release ISO images. The Red Hat Customer Portal delivers the knowledge, expertise, and guidance available through your Red Hat subscription.

  • Install / Initial Config
  • NTP / SSH Server
  • DNS / DHCP Server
  • Storage Server
  • Virtualization
  • Cloud Compute
  • Directory Server
  • WEB Server
  • Database
  • MAIL Server
  • FTP / Samba Server
  • Proxy / Load Balancer
  • Monitoring
  • Desktop Env
  • Others #1
    • Cups - Print Server
    • Bacula - Backup
    • Pacemaker - HA Cluster
    • Zimbra - Groupware
    • Subversion - Revision Control
    • Gitolite - Revision Control
    • Ruby - Ruby Environmen
    • JAVA - JAVA Environmen
    • Node.js - Jaja Script Env
    • PHP - PHP Environmen
    • Python - Python Environm
    • Ansible - Config Manage
    • Puppet - Config Manage
    • Func - System Manage
    • Spacewalk - System Manage
    • oVirt - VM Manage
    • LVM - LVM Operation
    • PXE - PXE Server
    • OpenVPN - VPN Server
    • Rsyslog - Syslog Server
    • Auditd - System Audit
    • SELinux - Access Control
    • iptables - Packet Filter
  • Others #2

Linux operating systems are one of the most sophisticated software that has been prevalent from the evolution of olden-day computers. The biggest advantage with such operating systems is the amount of customizability that can be embedded along with the user interface. The operating system is a good platform to develop applications as well.

There are various operating system distributions that implement the Linux core to implement the graphical user interface to get things done. The Linux operating system drastically covers individual users for their administrative works through their graphical user interface.


Server distribution is majorly based on commands that would require the user to know advanced Linux in-line commands to get things done in the operating system. The server packages are based on the DNS server and for running the backend services that will help you in running the server-based operating system. The biggest advantage with the Linux operating system is that the amount of compatibility that the system has to offer for the users using Linux OS.

The users can extensively use various applications in the operating system combined along with the integrated server applications. All these features make the operating system, one of the most sought after in the computing industry.

If you are very much comfortable in using commands in operation while working with an operating system, then the Linux OS is the best choice for you. There are various Linux OS distributions that are based on the Linux kernel and some of them include;

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1. Debian

The Debian operating system is one of the most sophisticated operating systems that is based upon the Linux kernel. There is various amount of software developers that rely upon this operating system to get the job done. The biggest advantage with the Debian is that it is a pretty good Linux distribution that probably gives most of the full-time program stackers and developers to have complete freedom in developing applications for the Linux kernel. The Debian is also one of the most relied upon Linux distribution that is known for the best graphical user interface.

Rhel 6 Download Iso

2. Ubuntu

Now for any of the people who are in the software industry, the Ubuntu software is a well-known entity. The extrinsic amount of Ubuntu software that is prevalently used in the developmental industry is with the significance of its practicality with the users. Ubuntu is regarded as one of the best Linux based operating system kernels that are very much useful for beginners. Ubuntu is a free desktop-based operating system prevalent in many systems across.


3. Mint


The Mint operating system is one of the most sophisticated operating systems that is based on the Ubuntu version of Linux kernel. They have a lot of similar traits as of the Ubuntu software and are definitely the best for anyone who is trying to understand the Linux operating system. There are various advantages with the Ubuntu-based operating system and the best part is improved GUI when compared to the original Ubuntu version.

4. OpenSUSE

Software und Software-Entwicklung or Software and systems development that is a German-based operating system. The operating system was developed full-time for open source development of applications. The operating system was developed keeping in mind the majority of the people who are depending upon open-source platforms to scale their applications. OpenSUSE was a community project sponsored mainly by SUSE and other branched companies.

5. Fedora

RedHat in their initial days into the market started with Fedora, a Linux kernel-based operating system. Fedora packed all the features of a conventional operating system that was based on the Linux kernel. The fedora was also a community project where RedHat wanted to increase the trend for software development in the growing communities.

6. Elementary

Elementary is the same operating system that was backed by the same appearance as an Ubuntu desktop. The advantages of the Elementary software are that the system supported applications that were customizable according to the user. That means that the operating system will be able to support applications like Videos, Gallery and conventional web browsers as well.

7. CentOS

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CentOS is also a community project that will mostly help in backing up with the application-oriented development. The CentOS is also an open-source platform that will help with most of the operations that are Linux kernel-based. It is an enterprise-class type operating system, that will help you get the most out of every kernel-based operating system.

8. Arch Linux

Arch Linux is probably one of the most recent additions to the Linux kernel-based operating system. The Arch Linux is based upon the advanced repository that it has to support the operations of a Linux kernel-based operating system. the features that are packed in with the Linux based operating system are more advanced and are compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit operations.

9. Manjaro

The Manjaro is a sophisticated version of the Arch Linux platform and is best for using it in a conventional Ubuntu-based environment. That is not all, the bigger appeal with the Manjaro OS is that it is available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions just like the Arch Linux platform as well.

10. Zorin


Zorin is probably the sequel Linux based operating system that was built to give users the Windows operating system kind of vibe in an ubuntu environment. That is not all, there are a lot of features that are packed into the operating system that will get the most out of every feature embedded into the operating system. The best part about the Zorin OS is that it allows the user to install an application that will help you run Windows applications in an Ubuntu environment. This probably the best operating system in the Linux line of distributions to get used to the Linux Operating system.

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There are various operating system distributions that implement the Linux core to implement the graphical user interface to get things done. The Linux operating system drastically covers individual users for their administrative works through their graphical user interface.

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