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Custom Firmware: RM- 356 Nokia 5800 Metro 8 OFW based CFW Posted by Athul at 7:12:00 pm Labels: Custom FirmWares, Flashing and Modding, Nokia 5800, S-40-60-1-2-3, S60, S60vs-S^1-2-3 CFWs, Windows phone. Nokia 5800 FBUS Cable 4. MX Key Software (MobileEx Professional) How Install MX key software, update it if necessary. Open it and connect using Potato Flasher interface. The whole process will be done by communicating with the phone using a FBUS cable and JAF / MX key hardware with the MX software interface.

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Nokia 5800 Copy


Today I was searching for some freeware Apps for Nokia 5800 Xpress Music and suddenly found that there was a latest Firmware Update for Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. The latest firmware v20.0.0.12 for Nokia 5800 has got many significant improvements, bug fixes and enhancements. The best thing I liked is the native support for geo-tagging on Nokia 5800. So next time when you plan to take a photograph you can add the location information with the help of the in-built GPS. But as I was expecting many changes to the standby screen and there aren’t many changes to it. I feel that the BIG screen of Nokia 5800 isn’t really utilized properly.

Some of the features or enhancements with the latest Nokia 5800 firmware v20.0.0.12

  • Native support for Geo-Tagging with built-in GPS.
  • Added a Dictionary with multi language support.
  • Improvement of the Touch Screen functionality.
  • Added App Update which can be used to update an individual application.
  • Screen rotation between landscape and Portrait mode is quicker.
  • Better playback for FLV/Flash Videos(Youtube).
  • FLV/Flash videos have got full screen, zoom and on-screen options.
  • Replaced the Download and Podcast icons.
  • Changed the active application dot.
  • Viewing the gallery is pretty fast.
  • Use the search functionality to search files present in your mobile & the Internet.
  • You can even shoot images with the secondary camera present on the front of the Mobile.

After looking at all the features and enhancements I was really very happy and decided to upgrade Nokia 5800 firmware. I checked my current version and it showed me v11.0.0.008(You can type *#0000# to get your current firmware version of Nokia 5800).


You can upgrade your mobile using Nokia Software Updater or over the air (OTA). I decided to use the Nokia Software Updater and checked for the latest updates. Surprisingly it had shown me that there are no updates. Later I tried with OTA Firmware Update; But even it said there are no updates yet. After researching for a while I found that the update is not available for all the regions. So if you are lucky enough to update your Nokia 5800 firmware then do post your valuable feedback. I’ll be writing a new post with my experience once I update the firmware of my Nokia 5800.

NokiaNokiaNokia 5800 Cfw

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Nokia 5800 Custom Firmware

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