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Super Brawl 2

Super Brawl 2 is a fun action packed fighting game with characters from several popular cartoon series such as SpongeBob SquarePants and Avatar. Choose your favorite cartoon character, and try to beat your opponents with your fighting skills. SUPER BRAWL 2 - NICKELODEON GAMES. Cute; New; Top; Played; Liked. In the game you will have to fight to another character so you will have to choose a character to represent and another to fight with it. The game has four options like arcade game. Thanks for Watching.

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Super Brawl 2 is an interesting fighting game which you can play for free on gogy action games. The game contains a variety of favourite cartoon characters from Sponge Bob Square Pants and many more of your favourite Nick animation movies. You are allowed to choose the character you like and then enter the battle.

We prepare totally 32 awesome characters such as SpongeBob SquarePants, Danny Phantom, Rico from Madagascar, Dudley Puppy, Kitty Katswell and so on. They have different strengths so you should try out all of them to explore them in gogy kid games. 24 of them are always available for you to choose but 8 of them are locked that you have to pass many levels to be able to try them.

There are 4 modes with different features: Arcade, Tournament, Tag Team and Survival. In the Arcade mode, you customize your Brawl and pick the fighters and the stages. The Tournament mode helps you to advance your way. In Tag Team, you will join a team to compete the other team. And the last one, the Survival, you must defeat as many players as possible with just one bar of health.

You attack the opponents by kicking and punching them. Besides, remember to avoid their attacks. You can see 2 Health bars on the top of the screen. They show your and your foe’s health status. Whose bar runs out of first, this will be the loser. Attempt to become the strongest warrior in the game.

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Spongebob Nick Games Super Brawl 2

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