Nhra Drag Racing 2 Pc Download

Nhra Drag Racing 2 Pc Download

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AValuSoft NHRA Drag Racing Top Fuel Thunder Windows - Cover.jpg download 2.1M ValuSoft NHRA Drag Racing Top Fuel Thunder Windows - CD.jpg download. CSR (short for Custom Street Racing) is the “Big Daddy” of all drag racing games from a pure saturation point with more than 130 million downloads and there’s plenty of reasons why. Download full Gearhead Garage: Download (39.0 MB) Download + Updates. If it costs $10 to fix up the person's gearshift and it costs $2 to buy one that will have to be repaired from the junkyard, you are probably better off getting the one from the junkyard, because you will also get to keep the person's gearshift to repair for use at a later. NHRA Drag Racing 2 PC at GameSpy - Check out the latest NHRA Drag Racing 2 cheats, cheat codes, walkthroughs, guides, videos and more!

Platform:PC | Edition:Standard Product description Race against 30 authentic NHRA teams in this bone-crunching simulation! / For Windows / Rated E: Everyone Keep your car well-tuned to handle unpredictable track conditions Race against other people through the Internet You'll experience the pure adrenalin of the dragstrip when you race in NHRA Drag Racing 2! From the Manufacturer Got Nitro? Strap in and pilot a 7000hp dragster down a thin strip of asphalt! Chase the most coveted racing title in the world--the NHRA championship. Pick a car, pick a team and say your prayers as you hurtle down the track at 330 mph. Nothing gets you closer to the ear-splitting, pure adrenaline of the National Hot Rod Association than NHRA Drag Racing 2. Tracks: Race the entire 25 events NHRA circuit from Pomona to Gainesville to the U.S. Nationals. Race Against the Top Dogs: Lock horns with the likes of John Force, Kenny Bernstein, Ron Capps, Jerry Toliver and Joe Amato. NHRA 2 lets you race against 30 of the top NHRA nitro teams. Internet Racing: Race on the Internet against drag racers from around the world via the Moto1.net racing network. Racepak Computer: Become the crew chief using the Racepak data acquisition telemetry software used by all the NHRA teams. Feel the Rumble: Via the amazing Staccato sound engine, you experience the ear-splitting power of 7000 nitro horses.

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Rev up your engine, adjust your shift and spring into a never-ending drag racing action in CSR Racing 2 offline game! So, what are you waiting for? Download CSR Racing 2 for free to play on your PC.

Nhra Drag Racing 2 Pc Download Pc

CSR Racing, the mightiest drag racing game, makes its return now louder and faster than ever. Choose from the best-licensed muscle, tuner and exotic cars to your liking. Oh, and let’s not forget the award-winning controls that made CSR Racing what it is today. CSR Racing 2 takes you on a wild ride from start to finish. Speaking of finish, you need to check out the cars and their semi-realistic finishes. Seriously, this game looks so gorgeous, it puts lots of racing games to shame!

Drag Never Felt so Good With CSR Racing 2

Thanks to the reputable CSR drag controls, racing feels responsive and constantly tense. It’s only just you versus another opponent whether AI or online. For single player fans, you can even play the game offline! Furthermore, it’s a matter of perfectly-timed shifts and situational nitro boosts that will win you the game. But alas, you will need to upgrade your car too! Everything from performance including top speed, acceleration and nitro boost, to vehicle appearances such as paint job, vinyl, and customized accessories.

Nhra Drag Racing Pc Game


Drag Racing on PC

Nhra Drag Racing 2 Pc Download Pc Windows

Finally, CSR Racing 2 works perfectly on your PC, thanks to the exclusive PC port here at Games.lol. Best of all, you can play the game directly without using an emulator. Enjoy it with customized controls for the keyboard too. Rush into the finish line with more racing games like Dr. Driving and Extreme Car Driving Simulator.