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Laxius Power - Title Screen. Laxius Power is the first game of a popular trilogy of freeware roleplaying games released from 2001 to 2004.These series don't belong to Aldorlea Games, but were also made by Indinera Falls. The triology focuses on the beginning of a long journey experienced by Random Pendragon, his girlfriend Sarah Brandolino and his best friend Luciana Vicenti, including much. Pick up your Laxius Force 2 PC copy from Green Man Gaming today and remember to sign in for our best price. Get 16% off (almost) any pc game with code: FALL2020 offer ends 20/11/20 23:59 GMT.

The Order has arisen.
Laxius force 3 walkthrough guideA shadow organization simply known as The Order has arisen in the kingdom of Arvendel. When the Order challenges the king of Arvendel himself, the king sends out a desperate plea for help. To his aid comes a band of friends lead by a young man named Random, and his best friend Sarah.
Laxius Force 2 follows the story of Random and Sarah as they attempt to stop The Order from conducting heinous acts and expanding its control in Arvendel and beyond. Although the odds are stacked against Random and Sarah, they have a secret weapon, and her name is Luciana.


Random and his friends are ready to attack the Order hiding in the Dom of Arvendel and free Adretana from the threat. The mission is a success but the kingpin of the Order, the Grand Commendanter, wants to revenge and sends deadly creatures to target Adretana with bloody murders. At the same time and unaware of the schemes that are secretly plotted, Luciana and Julian get married. During a trap, the party is lured out of town and the attack targets the royal court. King Julian is killed, leaving Luciana a widow. After a time of hurt and self-doubt, Luciana decides to rejoin her friends as a fighter. But the Order is still an invisible threat.Laxius force walkthrough

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Laxius Force II had a reception similar to Laxius Force.

Laxius Force 2 Download Full

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RPG Fan rated it 85% saying 'the bottom line regarding Laxius Force II is that if you were not a fan of Laxius Force or the Laxius mythos in general before now, this game will not change your mind. The series is a bit of an acquired taste.' '.
Just-RPG rated it 90 of out 100 and said 'Laxius Force II is a lovely game that continues the epic story of Random and his friends.'

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Laxius Force 2 Download

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