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If you are using MacOS, you might know Download Accelerator Plus or DAP has been the most well-known download manager software for many years. However, these apps officially stopped supporting macOS Mojave or newer versions, so if your Mac has been updated to the MacOS Mojave, it’s time to look for download manager alternatives, usually known as IDM. IDM is used for downloading large files. So, to help you find the best one, we are giving a list of the best IDM apps for your Mac.

Best Internet Download Manager Apps For MacOS

Here’s a list of the best IDM apps for MacOS devices to download and use this year.

  1. JDownloader- Free Download Manager

This tool is estimated to be one of the best free download manager app for Mac. It is written in Java and allows automatic download files from one-click hosting sites. JDownloader also supports premiums accounts, but not all parts of the JDownloader are open source.

Internet Download Manager free download - Free Internet Download Manager, Internet Download Accelerator, Free Download Manager, and many more programs. Internet Download Manager is a popular video downloader tool. However, Internet Download Manager for Mac is not available. So if you are using a Mac, you need to look for an altneriave to Internet Download Manager to download videos on Mac. Below we help you to pick up the best IDM for Mac alternative to download videos on Mac with ease.

Here are great features of JDownloader:

  • It allows you to download files from the file hosting services.
  • The app can automatically solve of some CAPTCHAs and has a JAntiCaptcha module.
  • Simple- interface for new users.
  • Just copy the URL of the file and then paste it to the downloader.
  • Pause and Resume capability.
  • Compress massive files into RAR so that the download size is smaller.
  1. Leech- Powerful Download Manager

Leech is another powerful download manager coming from Many Tricks. It’s very useful as it features many options for you to customize how different downloads are handled. Here are some of the available options:

  • Runs the app in the Dock, the menu bar or a new Dock.
  • Comes with Safari contextual menu extension, sending downloads to Leech.
  • Manages downloads based on filename extensions.
  • Allow downloading multiple files.
  • Quickly paste URLs into Leech or drop an URL into its Dock icon.
  • A download history to save or don’t save
  • Automatically split downloads into subfolders by date.
  1. Shuttle for Mac – Free

It is a great and fast download manager app which uses multi-segmenting to get the best maximum speed.

Here is a list of its key features:

  • Faster speeds with multi-segmented downloads.
  • Even support for URLs that require authentication.
  • Send a URL to directly be downloaded by the tool.
  • Pause and Resume feature for URLs supporting that.
  • Support for both HTTP and HTTPS links
  1. Free Download Manager

Free Download Manager is another fast and simple app that comes with the segmented download and auto-resuming features. The app can get all protocols such as HTTP, HTTPS, magnet, FPT, and torrents.

Its key features include:

  • Support HTTP/FTP, Magnet, ED2K & Torrent links
  • Remote Download allows users to download to remote Macs as well as control all remote transfers
  • A YouTube video tutorial
  • Frontend for MLDonkey
  1. Progressive Downloader

The last one in our list is the Progressive Downloader app, which can help you make downloads as fast as possible with the internet connection.

Best Internet Download Manager For Macbook


Here is a list of the app’s key features:

  • An integration of all major browsers, which made it easy.
  • Automatically search for the fastest servers to get the maximum download speed
  • An inbuilt FPT/SFTP browser for controlling remote resources.
  • Use the powerful tool from AppScript or Automator.
  • More than a hundred of file hosting services downloaded by using Zevera account

These are five best download manager apps for MacOS. If you have any question, let’s know in the comment.

We are glad to announce to all Folx users, that a new build of this handy downloader for Macis now available for download. We’ve added some new features you’ll surely enjoy and fixed some issues, thus improving the overall stability of the application.

Internet Download Manager For Macbook

Internet Download Manager For Macbook Pro

Among the new features are

– “Auto speed mode” added. This feature automates the process of download speed limiting. If you’re surfing the web and downloading files simultaneously, the download speed is cut to a specified value, otherwise the download speed is maximum possible

– Added the possibility to choose “Shutdown”, “Sleep” or “Quit ” options when “After download all tasks” or “Scheduled” options are applied

– We’ve added the scheduled automatic application launch and now you can easily schedule the launch of Folx in a few clicks

– Added the possibility to start downloading without showing “New task window”

– Some minor bugs and glitches are fixed

As you can see we keep improving Folx by adding new features, but the only thing that remains unchanged is that this easy-to-use downloader is still absolutely free (while it is still Beta)!

Internet Download Manager For Mac free. download full Version

Feel free to download the latest build and enjoy Folx’s new features!