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IMVU Studio is our next generation creator tool, currently in development. It will serve as the foundation for new features and optimizations on IMVU Desktop and Mobile, allowing Creators to take their products to a whole new level.

We are offering IMVU Studio as an early Beta, introducing several new features including normal and specular maps, new lighting and a fresh new user interface.

What To Expect from Beta

IMVU Studio is a new platform built from the ground up for both Mac and Windows. Expect to encounter bugs, stability and performance issues. Studio will be continuously updated during this phase and quality will improve with each iteration. We will also be rolling out key features as we move through Beta.

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We strongly feel that getting our community involved in the development of your tools early will result in a better product for everyone. Besides, you know your creative process better than we do! We’re excited to get your thoughts, feedback, suggestions and bug reports as we move forward.

New Features

  • Normal and specular maps
  • Undo/Redo History
  • Derivation catalog built into Studio
  • Control over submesh/material assignments
  • New user interface
  • Better security for your assets and project files

Stand Alone App

IMVU Studio is a new stand-alone client. After reviewing your feedback, we concluded that separating Studio and Desktop would result in smaller downloads, allow independent development on each app, and improve the experience for both users and Creators

Backward Compatibility

The underlying structure of how products are created has remained the same in IMVU Studio. About 90% of existing products in our catalog will be derivable into Studio . If you are familiar with Classic Create Mode, you should be able to start creating products in IMVU Studio in no time.


New Features Coming Soon

These will be exposed in future releases

  • Spotlights – Control cone angle, brightness and falloff
  • Shadow Maps – Spotlights will have the ability to cast a shadow
  • Increased Texture Map Sizes – Support 1024 x 1024 texture sizes
  • Particle System Panel – Particle System 2.0 coming soon

Participating in the Program

Imvu Mac Beta

Who Can Participate

If you are currently enrolled in the Creator Program, you will have access to IMVU Studio! You are welcome to download Beta and try it out. We appreciate your help and support in this stage of development!

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Don’t know what the Creator Program is? Click here to learn more and join!

Download IMVU Studio Beta

Download for Mac

Imvu classic on mac

Supporting macOS 10.10 (Yosemite) or later


Watch the Intro to IMVU Studio Video Playlist HERE!

The Basics

Importing Projects and Files

Imvu classic vs imvu beta

Actions and Animations

Imvu Mac Beta Download

Avatars (3ds Max)

Imvu Classic Vs Imvu Beta

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