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Hi I'm angry because it's been 15 times that I reinstalls Diablo II to run plugY and mod 'Perfect Drop Mod', but with one more detail, I want to increase the number of points of statistics and skills per level, what I know how to do with plugY.ini the problem is that it does not work when I install 'Perfect Drop Mod' because for a totally dark reason I end up with two PlugY.ini and two executable, one in the folder 'ModPlugY 'create by the official survival kit, and the other in the archive of the mod in question, mine question is' What the {filtered}? '
  1. Drop mod archive files directly into the client to add them to your library. ModDrop will automatically convert and backup the mods to your account. ModDrop can install almost any mod, no matter where you found it or how many files are crammed into the zip file.
  2. Great for drop mods! Enhanced Drop Rates Enhanced experience gain! EXPANDED Stash, Inventory, and Cube sizes! Many NEW cube recipes to make your own items (original items, of course) and given the option to make them socketed, ethereal, or upgraded. New items for advanced cube recipes. They drop from all monsters and even chests.
So in summary I wish:

The install process is no different than the rest except you’ll want to place the shader packs into – you guessed it – ‘shaderpacks’ folder. Here are the best Minecraft shaders: SEUS. Apr 20, 2009 So I am very new to using mods and have no experience. I am looking to play the perfect drop mod on single player. I have downloaded the file and followed the given instructions to install the mod without linking it to another mod, but I cannot seem to make it work. Does anyone have some tips that might make things easier for me? Mod Posted over 4 years ago; 313 downloads; This mod makes a few minor changes that have quite an impact on replayability, First, Uber Quests have been enabled on single and multiplayer. Second, World Events have been enabled on single and multiplayer. Custom Red portals have been enabled, and a host of other enhancements.

InstallHow to install perfect drop mod hell cows-Edit the PlugY.ini correctly but especially to know which one is useless and in too much, so to be able to play the mod while having the point of stats and skills that I wish by level. Why do I have to launch the .EXE PlugY provided with the mod 'Perfect drop Mod' to make it work {filtered}

How To Install Perfect Drop Mod Diablo 2 Lod

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