How To Clear Maths Arrear In Anna University

How To Clear Maths Arrear In Anna University

How to pass in Engineering Mathematics

I was passed out on 2008 batch. I did engineering in anna university under college. I've 2 arrear papers still. I'd like to clear that and to get my degree. I don't know about the time period when passed out from college to write the exams again. The arrear exams for engineering students in Tamil Nadu found itself in the eye of a storm on Tuesday leaving many confused. In a day of major developments on the matter, the State government has defended its decision in the Madras High Court to cancel arrear exams for college students in the state. Anna University Question Papers for Regulation 2017 and Regulation 2013 subjects are available in Previous year Model question Papers are one of the main source for exam preparation. Hence, provides Huge Collections of Anna University previous year Question Papers for various Department such as ECE CSE IT EEE EIE.

Let me give you a general intro in passing any mathematics subject under Anna University.As no subject is hard when you study it consistently,i will give you some 5 quick fire techniques that should enable you to pass Engineering Mathematics in Anna University without any arrear.
Step 1 : Know the units/chapters:-
This might sound a little odd. But trust me,if you don't know what units in the syllabus you are going to study,you will have a hard time figuring out which sums come under which unit.So know the units and if you can, the important formulas present in the unit of Engineering Mathematics.This task is easy and it only takes 15 - 20 minutes.
Step 2 : The Important Formulas:-
Here comes the real deal.The formulas matter a lot in Engineering Mathematics exam; be it Anna University or any other deemed university.Know the important formulas in Engineering Mathematics under each unit.(Not all the formulas,grab only the Important formulas only).Just write them in a sheet of paper and refer them while you work out/see each sum.
How to clear maths arrear in anna university student

How To Clear Maths Arrear In Anna University Student

Step 3 : University Q&A , Important Q&A :-
Analyze the previous university question papers and important questions.Some of the important sums will be often repeated in nature.Practice those sums well.Sometimes they might repeatedly ask sums from a particular sub unit that has 5-6 sums only.For ex : If 'Harmonic Analysis' is a repeatedly asked sub topic, be thorough in those specific sums.Similarly if Parseval's identity sub-topic sums are repeated,be thorough in the other sums under that.If you collect the sums present in it,it will be around 10 - 12 sure sums.
Step 4 : Proof Sums are important :-
Proof sums are really important.There is no question paper that misses the proof sums.Be thorough in all proof sums and be fluent in that.Don't get struck in between. It is important to note that even if you are struck in between, You can get to the answer because it is a proof sum ! The answer to be proved is already given in the question.So make the L.H.S = R.H.S in a neat way.

How To Clear Maths Arrear In Anna University Of Cincinnati

Step 5 : Presentation : -
Presentation is the most vital component in any exam.If you are strong in what you are writing and you are pretty confident over the fact that you will pass the exam, you can concentrate less in the presentation job.But if you are unsure about your success or you want to get the highest score,presentation does all the required magic. Write the formulas,answers in black.Always write the given part no matter whatever the sum you do.Following the above alone could get you around 6 or 8 marks . The rest is your content.
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