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Gear 360 ActionDirector is top of the line 360° video editing software designed specifically for and included with your Samsung Gear 360 camera. Gear 360 ActionDirector assists Gear 360 users by importing and automatically stitching videos and photos shot from your Gear 360, and provides several essential editing functions such as trimming, adding titles and creating transitions in your. Gear 360 free download - 360 Total Security, Metal Gear Solid demo, Speed Gear, and many more programs.

As VR videos are shot by specific cameras, the original material needs to be stitched to be one playable VR video.

Today, we are going to teach you how to stitch videos starting from Samsung Gear 360. Here is an example of what the video looks like in dual-fisheye mode, right after you shot it.

Here's a quick review and then workflow video that explains how to stitch, edit and upload your Samsung Gear 360 videos, using your computer - not a Samsung.

The Dual-fisheye mode

In order to edit it, you will need to download (or use the camera-attached CD) and install the editing software that exclusively designed for Gear 360 – Gear 360 ActionDirector.

Gear 360 ActionDirector

First of all, take your Gear 360 memory card out, connect it to your computer with a card reader and export the video you just took.

Samsung Gear 360

Then open up the software Gear 360 ActionDirector. It only supports Windows system for now, so Mac users, you might have to wait a little bit longer.

Now we see the welcome interface, click the “360 VR video” button to enter the software’s main interface.

Gear 360 ActionDirector’s welcome interface

Gear 360 sm-c200 pc software

Click the “File” button in the top left corner and then click “Import” in the drop-down menu to import the videos you want to stitch into the software.

Gear 360 ActionDirector’s interface

Click the “Play” button in the lower left corner then you can preview the video in a small window.

Gear 360 ActionDirector’s import interface

Then click the “Open” button to import the selected videos.

Gear 360 Pc Software

The video that you just imported will appear in the “Media” interface on the left sidebar. Click on the video and drag it into the timeline below and click the blue “Produce” button in the bottom right corner to enter the production interface.

Gear 360 ActionDirector’s edit interface

Gear 360 App For Pc

You will see the production interface on the left hand side, and the file format is defaulted to be mp4 of encoding H.264.

Gear 360 ActionDirector’s production interface

With sufficient computer configuration, we recommend you set the “Video Quality” to the highest level which is “MPEG-4 4K 3840 × 1920 / 25p (50 Mbps)”.


After selecting “Output Folder” (where the export file is located. It is recommended that you put them on the Desktop). Click the blue “Start” button to start stitching.

Samsung 360 Gear Software Download

You can check the box “Enable the preview during production” to monitor the stitching process.

Wait a moment then you’ll receive a notification saying “Production Completed”.

Congratulations! You are a real VR video creator now! Besides, VeeR VR has recently launched a new app — VeeR Editor to help people make 360 VR videos easily, you can also use its slideshow function to turn 360 photos into VR videos!

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Gear 360 Pc Software

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