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About Auto Likes Free. Auto likes free will allow you to extend Facebook likes to your submitted videos and photos on Fb Timeline. You can additionally help your website web page to rank high through the usage of auto liker on your blog's posts on Facebook. Auto likes free is suitable appliance which is uniquely design for Facebook loving users. New FB Auto Liker 2020 Best FB Auto Liker App 2020 FB Auto Liker 2020 Facebook Auto Liker 2020 ApkLink Dosto aaj ki is video m.

Since the entry of Facebook in the year 2004, the concept of social media has evolved so much. Facebook started by adding friends on the virtual world to communicate. However, another idea in Facebook evolved, that is the concept of liking user’s photos. This created a sensation across the globe. All you had to do was to upload a picture and wait for your friends to validate that picture. This became madness. Slowly Facebook too became a commercialized app where companies advertised and marketed their products, and users used it as a platform to validate themselves and their ideas.

To begin with the concept of liking each other’s pictures has created a trend among all ages. Even my parents get worried if their photographs aren’t liked on social media. Facebook has sent the word “self-validation” in a downtrend. Everybody needs likes on Facebook to face people in real life. It is more like a confidence booster in the present day. Therefore understanding the importance of having likes on Facebook, some of the developers have developed apps to increase likes on Facebook, thus boosting people’s confidence. The following are the top 8 apps that help you get likes for your photos and videos uploaded on Facebook.

1. FB Liker

FB liker has to be one of the trending apps used by Facebook users to get more likes on Facebook. It is used by the Android users to increase likes on their FB Status, Photos. Adding to these features is the feature to add comments to your photos and videos. Wondering how this is possible? This app uses the token of the users who had used Autolikers; it publishes the likes and comments using the symbol to make it seem more genuine. It also has other features that will distinguish it from other apps. The following features are:

Facebook Auto Liker For Pc

  1. It automatically generates likes from legitimate sources, thus saving you from the embarrassment of having fake followers liking your pictures.
  2. It is easy to download from the internet. However, it is not available on Google Play for apparent reason.
  3. The likes which are automatically generated are spam free.
  4. The users will get instant likes on Facebook by just clicking on the upload button, thus giving users a sense of celebrity feeling in them.
  5. Usually, Apps get annoying when advertisements are shown; however, in this app; there is no advertising of products.
  6. For this app to access the user’s picture, it doesn’t require their Facebook id or password, just the link of the post is enough.

2. Metal for Facebook and Twitter

This app is practical and creates a sense of ease while using it. It functioning of this app can be compared with the speed of a bullet train. One of the reasons why this app stands out from other apps is because of its easy accessibility. It can be accessed at any place and at any time. The developers of this app have made it available even on Twitter. If your Facebook app is consuming a lot of battery on your phone, it is time to switch to metal. Metal is a stand-in for the Facebook app. Some of its features are:

  1. It is as simple as using the Facebook app. Users can easily read notifications, news feeds, and messages.
  2. It gives users an ad-free experience. This saves the phone’s data usage.
  3. There is an option for full screen with a loaded toolbar
  4. If you are bored with Facebook’s default blue theme, you can change it to the white or dark blue theme using this app.

3. Apental

If the users are willing to increase their online presence on Facebook, Apental is the right app to download. Using this app, you can get numerous comments and likes to your posts. Usually, users maintaining pages that require immense online validation prefer this app. it is rated as one of the trusted app likers. Some of its features are:

  1. As mentioned earlier, users can have unlimited likes and comments on Facebook. These likes and comments are taken from reliable sources, thus creating a sense of security.
  2. This app is easy to use and can be used by users of all age groups.
  3. If you own a commercial page which you want to advertise among people. This is the right app as it has an option for unlimited shares on your posts, thus creating a sense of curiosity and a secure feeling in using your products.
  4. This app is readily available on the internet. Therefore with all these features, it still stands as a free app among other social media likes.

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4. Apental Calc

If you are looking for several likes and comments on your Facebook, try out Apental Calc. It is easy to use the app to get likes on Facebook quickly. The features of Apental Calc are-

Fb auto liker iphone 6s
  1. As usual, you can generate infinite likes and comments on the photos.
  2. This app is economical. This app is available free of costs.
  3. If a business has to be advertised among people, this is the right app

5. Get Instant Likes

Fb Auto Liker Iphone

As the name suggests, this app wouldn’t disappoint you in delivering instant likes, followers, and comments. This app is designed for all android users. Also, the auto-play option on Facebook helps you get instant views. This app is mainly for the people who wish to advertise their products or vlogs. With the increase in likes and views, it creates a sense of curiosity among the viewer’s genuine followers, thus increasing real likes and views too. This app also provides the users with top tags to use it on their posts. Top tags help by circulating the post among millions of people, thus getting genuine likes from real-time users. This app has the following features:

  1. This app lets you instant likes; it takes milliseconds for you to reach more than a thousand likes on Facebook.
  2. It is available on all android phones.
  3. It has an option of accessible hashtag database, using this hashtags it circulates pictures among millions of users, hence getting you real-time likes.
  4. For this app to access the user’s picture, it doesn’t require their Facebook id or password, just the link of the post is enough.

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6. Swipa

If you are an iPhone user good news coming your way too, Swipa is an alternative app for Facebook. It is internally connected to Facebook. However, it is a separate social media platform that helps you get likes on Facebook. All you have to do is upload photos and videos on the Swipa app. The users’ part of the Swipa app will see your pictures and watch your videos. In Swipa app, you are expected to add more and more photos and videos to get famous. The Swipa app also ranks people for their number of uploads. The most exciting part is it is free for iPhone users. Some of the features of this app are:

Machine Liker Fb

  1. The more you upload higher the likes you get for your photos and videos.
  2. Also the more you upload higher the rank on the Swipa app, which in turn makes you famous on Swipa as well as on Facebook app.
  3. With such genuine likes coming your way, your friends on facebook so will check out your videos and photos. Thus increasing curiosity among the friends you have on social media.
  4. With such likes coming your way, it boosts up your profile and in turn will boost up your confidence to face people in real life.
  5. It is a user free interface, and also it is open for iPhone users.

7. MyFBLiker

This app again is for iPhone users who are using Facebook. This app automatically starts liking your posts as soon as you have uploaded them. The user interface is simple and works without any hassle. It is easy to understand how to use and is suitable for users of all age groups. It is a tool that runs in the background of the Facebook app. As soon as the picture or video is uploaded, you can spot likes increasing at lightning speed, Yes that’s the speed of MyFBLiker app. Some of its features are:

  1. This is an auto like a tool with 100% spam free likes on Facebook. It gives you a sense of secure and genuine feeling while using this application.
  2. The user interfaces are as simple as peeling oranges. Users of all age groups can use it.
  3. It is known for its lightning speed, thus creating curiosity among your friends, which in turn boosts your confidence at lightning speed.

8. FBoost


If Facebook helps you to connect with people you know, this app runs in the background and enables you to connect with people from all over the world. This, in turn, boosts up your likes on your pictures and pages. It also increases the number of views on the videos uploaded on Facebook. It is simple with an easy user interface that helps users of all age groups using the app. this app is available only for the iPhone users, and the best part is it is free. You get instant likes free of cost. Thus if you need instant likes and views on your posts, this is the app you should be downloading on your iPhone right away.

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Thus it is quite surprising to have such amazing apps to boost our confidence in social media. These apps help us stay on the trend with millions of likes, which are spam free and are coming from genuine Facebook account users all over the globe. Therefore all you need to do is post an authentic post and let these apps do the witchery. Also, these apps are readily available on the internet for free; you don’t have to shell out extra to get likes on Facebook. The days where people’s confidence was busted because of having fewer likes on Facebook have come to an end.

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