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The Vault has media related to this article. Fallout 4 is a post-apocalyptic action-roleplaying game in the Fallout series published by Bethesda Softworks. It was released worldwide on November 10, 2015, except in Japan, where the game was released on December 17, 2015. 1 Development 1.1 Black Isle plans 1.2 Bethesda Softworks 2 Setting and story 2.1 Setting 2.2 Story 3 Gameplay 3.1 Character. Just wondering if anyone knows if the Dev/debug console will be in Fallout 4. Probably will cause it's been in every other Bethesda game. I just want the ability to use the cheats and stuff if i ever need them Showing 1-6 of 6 comments. Jul 12, 2015 @ 2:15pm. Fallout 4 cheats and console commands: god mode, freecam and more By PCGamer 06 May 2020 The best Fallout 4 cheats and console commands can turn you into a hundred-foot tall supersonic monster. Fallout 4: How to Find the Developer Room With Every Weapon Developers get all the cool stuff, but what happens when we're handed the keys to their secret room. In this guide, we show you how to.

Fallout 4's system requirements call for 3GB of VRAM for 1920x1080 Ultra textures, though in our testing usage only came close to 3GB after extended sessions. If you've got that 3GB you'll of course want to use Ultra to maximize texture detail, but as we've demonstrated even the lowest detail appears identical to Ultra (in our pre-release Press.

Fallout 4 has been out for two days now, and the power of the tilde “~” has been corrupting Fallout 4 PC gamers with the cheating temptations.

*Warning* If you would like to avoid temptation of cheating please do not read any further.

Otherwise, I have some goodies for you cheaters. You are able to access the developer testing room in Fallout 4 with a simple command, this room contains every single item: weapon, ammo, power armor, aide, and piece of junk you can name. So without further ado here is your code!

Launch your command console with “~”,

Type: “coc qasmoke”,

And, there you have it. Every single item in the game. This is also a useful way to get every item code in the game to use for: the “player.additem” command. So what are you waiting for? Go give this command a whirl. And stay tuned at Gameskinny for more Fallout 4 coverage.

YouTube video above courtesy of “KnowledgeFX”


To leave this room simply type this command:

'COE 1 1' in the command console to return. Make sure to include the spaces.

One of the things that keep Fallout 4 fresh in the gamer minds is its lively modding community. The modes range from the Nuka World themed changes to The Kaiju of the Commonwealth. Additional content that makes the game simply interesting regardless of whether Bethesda released new content or not. The Cheat Rooms Mod is another mod on the list that adds new rooms to the environment and also lets you execute a series of cheats.

This Fallout 4 Cheat Room Mod for Xbox One will let you access secret rooms and cheat your way through sections of the game you never thought existed.

To download it, you need to head over to the mod page on Bethesda and add it to your library. Head back to your console and you will find the mod waiting for use in your library. You will have to use a mod manager to implement the Cheat Room Mod.

What the Mode Lets You Do

  • Cheat Room -Mostly every item in the game
  • Including Unique items
  • Workbenches -Level up cheats, God-mode cheats, Infinite carry-weight cheats, etc…
  • Legendary Chest (Generates items on the spot. This will spawn DLC items if you have them downloaded.)
  • Doors that lead to places
  • Pre-war Vault 111 (You can enter Cheat Room at the beginning of the game but I don’t recommend it)
  • Pre-war Sanctuary Hills
  • All Power Armor
  • Shooting Range
  • Six Different worlds (Build in them or something?)
  • QaSmoke (The developer room which is a simpler version of this)
  • Other doors…
  • Doctor -Friskies (Cat)
  • Player containers (To store items.) -Map location -Ability to fast travel while in Cheat…

Other Things to Expect from your Cheat Room mod for Xbox One

-Cheat Room (WIP)

-Cheat Room Holotape (WIP) (Teleport to companions, change players size, change the weather, etc, etc.)

-Perk Points

-Spawn Bottle Caps

-Give Experience


-Health (God-mode, etc.)

-Set Players Factions

-Player Scale

-Walk Speed

-Jump Height

-Carry weight

-Teleport to companions, etc.

-Change Weather, time, etc

-Spawn Workshop

-Resurrect, Make Follower, etc. On mostly any npc.

-Portable Container

-Mostly every item in the game

-Including Unique items

-Quest Items

-All Armor, Ammo, Weapons,

Fallout 4 Pc


-Cheat Rings

-Cool Chests

-Legendary Chest (Generates items on the spot. This will spawn dlc items if you have them downloaded.)

-Doors that lead to places

-Pre-war Vault 111 (You can enter Cheat Room at the beginning of the game but I don’t recommend it)

-Pre-war Sanctuary Hills

-All Power Armor

Fallout 4 Dev

-Cheat Weapons(WIP)

-Shooting Range

Fallout 4 Dev Room

-Six Different worlds

-Friskies (Cat)

-Player containers (To store items)

Enbdev Fallout 4

-Map Marker (Near Vault111)

-Ability to fast travel while in Cheat Room.