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Have you ever received a voicemail message that was so awesome, important, or funny that you wanted to save it to your computer to ensure it wouldn’t be deleted from your inbox? If that’s the case, we’re here to help you out. In this article, we’ll tell you what you want to know about saving voicemails from your iPhone to your Mac or PC.

So, can you save voicemails from your iPhone to your computer? Yes, you can! There are a couple of methods you can use to do this, but the easiest one we’ve found (that works for all computers) is to email voicemails to yourself.


Download and install iMazing on your Mac or PC computer. Download for Mac Download for PC. To export your voicemail to your computer. If you want to transfer your voicemail to a new iPhone, you'll need to create a backup of the old phone, then restore that backup to the new iPhone. However, the bad news is that these voicemail files are mixed in with a ton of other random files from your iPhone, and all the files have long, meaningless filenames with no extensions. To determine what the files are, use the file. command.

We’ll teach you how to do this, and give you other important information about the process, breaking down our article into these sections:

Now, let’s go over the instructions for how to transfer a voicemail message from your phone to your computer.

How to save voicemails from iPhone to Mac or PC:


1. Tap Phone on your home screen.

2. In the bottom right corner, tap Voicemail.

You will see a menu at the bottom of your screen. On the right side of the menu, select Voicemail.

3. Find the message you’d like to export.

Look through your list of voicemail messages and tap the one you wish to export.

4. Tap the Share icon.

Once you have the message open, tap the Share icon to indicate that you’d like to export it.

5. Select Mail to attach the file to an email.

In order to get the audio file of the voicemail message from your phone to your computer, we’re going to attach it to an email. Tap Mail to attach the voicemail to an email message.

6. E-mail the audio file to your email address.

Now, enter your own email address in the “To” section, and send the message off to yourself.

7. Open the email on your computer and download the file.

On your computer, open your email inbox and find the email you just sent to yourself. When you open the email, you should find the audio recording of your voicemail message attached to it. Download and save the audio file on your computer for safekeeping.

Those are all the steps to saving voicemails from your phone to your computer. Now, let’s cover a little more information for you to keep in mind when going through this process.

Notes on saving voicemails to your computer

1. This method won’t export the text transcription, only the audio.

With some carriers, you may see a text transcription of your voicemail messages in your voicemail inbox. When you use this method to export and save your voicemails to your computer, remember that you’re only exporting the audio recording, not the transcribed text.

2. Remember that this is not the only possible method you can use to save voicemails to your computer.

The method and instructions we covered in this article are not the only way to get a voicemail from your phone to your computer. If you have a Mac, you could choose to use AirDrop instead. Exporting to iCloud Drive is another option you could go for as well. We decided to give instructions for how to do it through email because it works for all kinds of computers.

3. Be sure that the place you’re saving the message to is secure.

When you’re saving your voicemails to a computer, make sure that the device/place you’re saving the audio file is safe and secure. If you want your voicemail message to remain private, be sure not to save it anywhere that other people could have access to.

That does it for this article on saving your voicemails from your Apple smart phone to Mac or PC. If you have tried out this method, let us know how it worked for you in a comment. Also, let us know if you have suggestions for other methods you can use to export your voicemails so we can add it to our tutorial! Be sure to check out some of our other voicemail tutorials like how to change your greeting if you want to learn more.


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