Download All Photos From Icloud To Mac

How to Download iCloud Photos to PC

With iCloud Sync, you can save all your desktop files on Mac to iCloud Drive, and access them on your iPhone or iPad. Firstly, you can view and access iCloud document in the first part. Just open Finder, find and click iCloud Drive, and view the document files under Desktop and Documents folders. Launch Photos app when finished to see iCloud Photos syncing in progress, once complete all iCloud Photos will appear in the Photos app on Mac (and other devices it’s enabled on too) That’s all there is to it, iCloud Photos is now enabled on the Mac. Download all photos from iCloud to the Mac OS device: Step 1: To begin with you need to verify if you are using the most recent Mac version. To do this, pilot to the menu of Apple and select the ‘About this Mac’ option and tap on the ‘Software Update’ button. Well, you can download them directly from iCloud to your Mac! If all your photos are on your iPhone, you can simply share them with your Mac via AirDrop. If they’re not, though, it can take a long time to download your older photos to your iPhone, and then share them.


You can download all of the photos from iCloud in Windows or one by one. You need to download iCloud for Windows and sign into your iCloud account before you download iCloud backup. Check the free storage space if you transfer photo from iCloud to external hard drive, USB drive etc. on PC.

Step 1: Go to download iCloud for Windows. Open the iCloud setup .exe file and follow its instruction to install iCloud on PC. After the iCloud installation process is finished, Click Yes to restart your computer before you use iCloud.
Step 2: Open iCloud on PC, sign into iCloud with your Apple ID and prepare to download iCloud photos to computer.
Step 3: Click Options next to Photos to see if the iCloud Photo Library box is checked, click Done, and go back.
Step 4: Click Apply button at the bottom right corner.

How To Download All Photos From Icloud

Step 5: Back to the window, go to where the iCloud Photos locate in Windows, click iCloud Photos.
Step 6: Click Download photos and videos on PC. This may take a few minutes before it's available to download iCloud photos.
Step 7: Select pictures on iCloud Photos you'd like to download to PC. You can choose to download all of your iCloud photos in Windows by checking the box next to All. Then click Download icon.
Step 8: Click Downloads to start downloading photos to PC or external hard drive, USB drive etc. on PC. Also learn other ways to free up space on iCloud.