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An update to DDRescue-GUI has been released for macOS!

Ddrescue Mac Download

Hi all. Today I released an update to DDRescue-GUI for macOS to fix bugs and bring things up to date. Specifically:

Ddrescue Mac Download

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Ddrescue Mac Download

DDRescue-GUI is a simple GUI written in Python 2 designed to make the data recovery tool, ddrescue, easier for beginners to use. It's designed for Linux, and more recently Apple OS X, as KDiskRescue appears to be abandoned, with the last update in 2006. DDRescue-GUI is desgined to look native on almost all Desktop Environments, so whichever one you use, it should look familiar. An easy way to get ddrescue installed is to install Mac Ports (You can then open a terminal window, type 'sudo port install ddrescue', and the port will install. Ddrescue free download - BootMed 64Bit, and many more programs. Ddrescue free download - BootMed 64Bit, and many more programs. Enter to Search. My Profile Logout. Download the osfclone.zip file and extract it to a directory of your choosing on your local hard disk drive. In this example, we extracted the files to a folder in the program files directory at C: Program Files (x86) OSFClone. To reduce the likelihood of mistakes, remove all other USB drives or devices which you may have connected to your system. Installing DDRescue-GUI from the source package is a little bit complicated, as you will have to download and save the archive somewhere on your computer, extract its contents, open the extracted.

  • Python 3.7.1 is now being used instead of 3.6.5, which includes numerous improvements.
  • wxPython 4.0.3 is now being used, which fixes various bugs in wxPython.
  • GetDevInfo 1.0.4 is now being used, which fixes a few crashes, especially when a non-English language is the system default language.
    • This also fixes crashes if there are drives with non-ASCII characters in the volume names.

It’s a fairly minor update, but it fixes a lot of bugs and improves security, so I recommend everyone use this new version. It can be downloaded from the nav bar at the top of this page, or from launchpad.

Ddrescue Iso

That’s all for now, but stay tuned for more posts, and, ahem, possibly some other, more exciting, news XD.

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