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CSI Linux is a Linux distribution focused on multiple aspects of Cyber Investigations. The first phase focuses on online and social media forensics and recon. The second phase will target incident response and computer forensics. Unfortunately, CSI also fall into this category and although CSI does stay true to the TV series, a number of elements holds the game back from its true potential. CSI does produce an authentic CSI experience including the actual characters and their voices from the TV series. The story lines are also well designed and unfold in a manner that. Download CSI: Hard Evidence. The game that turns you into a crime scene investigator. Fun sandbox games compatible with Linux, PC and Mac.


Is this site safe for children?
What are The CSI Web Adventures?
Where can I find links to other websites about forensics?
How do I get in touch with you?


How long does it take to play?
Can I stop in the middle of an episode and come back to the same place later?


What are the recommended system requirements for The CSI Web Adventures?
What is Flash, and why do you use it?
How do I download and install the Flash plug-in?
How do I resolve compatibility Issues Using Flash w/Android Mobile Devices? [ * NEW: 2016 ]
Why does it not save my game correctly when I log back in? [ * NEW: 2016 ]
Nothing happens when I click on things. What is going on?
Why does the animation seem to move slowly?

Q: Is this site safe for children?
A: This site complies with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998. We neither collect nor publish personal information about site visitors. Feedback from users submitted to the site may be published at our discretion on our comments page, but we do not reveal user names or email addresses.

If you have concerns about child safety on the internet, you may find the following sites useful:

http://www.fbi.gov/kids/k5th/safety1.htm - Tips for children about the internet and talking to strangers.

http://home.disney.go.com/guestservices/safety - A parent's guide to talking with children about online safety
and privacy.

http://www.ncpc.org/cyberbullying - Information about 'cyberbullying', abusive behavior on the internet.

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Q: What are The CSI Web Adventures?
A: The CSI Web adventures are a series of interactive cases featuring the characters from the CBS TV show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. These cases allow players to experience several different types of forensic analysis while the receive their “Rookie Training” (Case One) and eventually solve mysteries with the CSI team (Cases Two to Five).

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Q: Where can I find links to other websites about forensics?
A: You can jump to the Cool Links section right now! Enjoy the many informative and fun web sites.

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Q: How can I get in touch with you?
A: As a service to the community, the Rice University School Mathematics Project (RUSMP) is now hosting Web Adventures. Unfortunately, RUSMP will not be able to provide technical support for the site. We want you to continue to enjoy exploring the games. We hope to add additional games in the future.
For more information about RUSMP, visit us at http://rusmp.rice.edu.

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Q: How long does it take to finish a case?
A: Each case of the CSI Web Adventures is designed to be played in one sitting of approximately 45-60 minutes. The player can control the speed of the game and stop along the way.

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Q: Can I stop in the middle of a case and come back to the same place later?
A: Yes, the game will save your progress as long as you log out.

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Q: What are the recommended system requirements for The CSI Web Adventures?
A: To experience The CSI Web Adventures, you must have the Flash Player 8.0 (or higher) installed on your computer and a valid Internet connection. If you need this plug-in, you may download it from Adobe's web site. Follow the simple instructions provided to download and install the plug-in. Once this is done, you are ready to begin your adventure!


Because the CSI Web Adventures uses Flash animation to keep file sizes small, it will run efficiently on the variety of computer platforms found in homes and schools. Our suggested minimum requirements for platforms are:


Apple Macintosh computers running Mac OS X (version 10.2 or higher)
- OR -
Pentium-Class computers running Windows 98 (or higher)

For better performance, use a computer with at least 256 MB of memory (RAM).


Although many web browsers are satisfactory for use with the CSI Web Adventures web adventures, we have found that the following browsers offer the most optimal viewing experience:

Internet Explorer version 7.0 or higher
Mozilla Firefox version 3.0 or higher
Safari version 3.0 or higher
Opera version 7.0 or higher

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Q: What is Flash, and why do you use it?
A: Flash is a media application owned by Adobe Systems Inc. Its original purpose was to create animations that could be easily displayed on a webpage. Flash allows for faster downloads of graphics and animation because it uses lightweight vector graphics.

Csi Mac Game Download Torrent

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Q: How do I download and install the Flash plug-in?
A: When you click on one of the episode hyperlinks, our web site will check to see if the Flash 8.0 plug-in is installed on your computer. If it is not detected, you will be provided with a link to Adobe's web site to obtain the Flash plug-in. You may also visit Adobe's Flash Player Help for help in getting and installing the plug-in.

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Q: How do I resolve compatibility Issues Using Flash w/Android Mobile Devices? [ * NEW: 2016 ]
A: All of our Web Adventures games were developed using Flash before mobile applications were dominating. Since Adobe has foregone its support for the Flash Player on Tablets for a few years now, developers of 3rd Party applications have tried to fill the void.
If the games don't render correctly using the Chrome Browser, we recommend testing alternative browsers for mobile devices in the order listed below:

Some have found success customizing their Flash Settings In Firefox.

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Q: Why does it not save my game correctly when I log back in? [ * NEW: 2016 ]
A: Within a classroom setting, if more than one student logs in using the same id/pwd, the game will not accurately record game values upon save. To resolve this issue, ensure each student registers separately, and maintains an independent account.

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Q: Nothing happens when I click on things. What is going on?
A: Try to close all other open tabs or windows in your browser, especially when you're using Firefox.

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Q: Why does the animation seem to move slowly?
A: There are a lot of factors that can be the cause of The CSI Web Adventures playing slowly. Most often, it is the speed of the Internet connection and the speed of the computer playing the animation. Different computers handle graphics and sound in different ways. We try to find a happy medium between slow computers and faster ones by building our base movie files at a size that will play at nearly full screen dimensions using an 1024x768 screen resolution. If your computer's monitor is set to this resolution or higher, and you are still experiencing slow animation, check the minimum system recommendations below.

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International Game Technology (IGT) is a long-standing player in the Casino world when it comes to manufacturing and distribution of slot machines as well as mobile platforms, casino games, and gaming software globally. The company developed some of the popular TV-based slots released including Family Guy, American Idol, and Judge Judy. This slot is similar to Stinkin Rich.

Play IGT’s TV-based CSI free slot and became a crime scene investigator! It was released in 2012 at the Global Gaming Expo. Inspired by the long-running Crime Scene Investigation procedural television series, it is easy to see why it is one of IGT’s most popular games. It is a 5-reel slot with 20 pay lines, featuring characters from the different installments of the hit TV series depending on the version chosen.

Playing the CSI Slot


Play CSI free slot online or via the IGT MLD machines found in top land-based Atlantic City and Vegas casinos. There are also downloadable versions available through mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.

Csi mac game download torrent

To start off, punters will choose a version they want to play. There are different versions of it mirroring the installments of the CSI show. This means that there are NY, Las Vegas, and Miami modes. Punters have a chance at picking which version they would like to try their hand at, which is a unique feature that comes with this particular slot machine.

The symbols in each variant include the main characters of each of the CSI installments as well as other standard symbols across all the variations. The other symbols found in each version include a cop badge, a logo, Handcuffs, Fingerprint brush and powder, a camera and photographs. Next bettors will select the number of pay lines they want to play and then place a stake per line.

Jackpot Availability

Playing this free online slot machine game gives you a chance of winning two featured jackpots: the fixed-prize and the progressive jackpot.

With every spin, gamers could trigger the randomly generated fixed jackpot. Any stake placed could result in a huge win for any player with this completely random jackpot. An attractive $25,000 fixed jackpot payout can be won.

Punters love progressive jackpots because they offer a chance to walk away with huge payouts on any bet amount. The progressive jackpot is similar to most, which require players to match symbol sequences. In this case, the figures are dependent on the version being played.

CSI Payout Info

Punters can place one-cent bets on each pay line, and with 40 multidenominational credits and 20 lines; the maximum bets can be quite high. The bet limit starts at a minimum of $0.01 and a maximum of $5 per line.

Special Symbols To Get Benefits

The CSI slot game has a set of special figures, which trigger unique features and bonuses. They include:

  • Investigators. The main characters/investigators in each version double as the Wild symbols, which are substitutable with all other symbols except for the Lock ‘n’ Re-spin, Free Spin, and Crime Scene Evidence symbols.
  • Lock ‘n’ Re-spin. Having 1 Lock ‘n’ Re-spin symbol on the reel triggers bonus features. When the bonus is in play, winning signs are locked in place, and the non-winning ones continue re-spinning to come up with new winning sequences.
  • Scatter Symbol. The photographs found in each version function as the scatter symbol. With 3 photographs on the reels, the Crime Scene Pick Bonus is activated. With 3 to 5 photographs (scatters0 on the reels, Free Spins are activated in 2X multipliers, meaning that you could end up with 5 to 30 no-cost spins.

Csi Games Free Download

Consider the Additional Bonuses

Free Download Csi

The photograph scatters are the slot machine game bonus activators. The bonuses include:

  • Crime Scene Pick. This bonus is triggered with 3 scatters appearing on the main game reels. Punters must then scan fingerprints at a crime scene and run them through a police database. When a match is found, the punter is returned to the scene of the crime so that he can collect more fingerprints and evidence by tapping on areas around and thereby revealing credits.

Finding 3 evident pieces during this round will trigger yet another bonus:

  • Crime Lab Free Games. As mentioned, collecting 3 evidence pieces during the Crime Scene Pick feature triggers this bonus. This is the ‘free games’ version, and the great thing about is that the house money is at risk here and not the bettor’s actual money.

When the reels are spinning, DNA strand symbols appearing will function as multipliers. Landing a total of 5 DNA strands throughout this feature, an even higher multiplier is obtained. Extra wilds can also be triggered during this mode, and extra spins are won with them.

  • Trace Evidence. Landing Trace Evidence (flashlight symbol) on the extreme last reel of the screen triggers this bonus. During this feature, the screen turns black, and the flashlight comes handy to shine a light to clues. From this round, extra wilds can be uncovered.

Csi Mac Game Download Windows 7

Maximum & Minimum Bets

Placing the maximum bet amount ($100) increases the chances of winning the massive $25,000 jackpot. IGT have released an endless stream of licensed slots capturing the essence of popular TV shows, and CSI happens to be one of them.

This top rated game won’t disappoint because of the great bonuses offered, which increase the chances of walking away with one of the jackpots. Not to forget, having 3 versions to choose from allows bettors to become virtual investigators against the backdrop of their favorite installments of the highly successful TV series.