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Setting up the guest

No Comments on Using The Dude on MikroTik CHR The Dude network monitor is RouterOS package intended to manage a network environment. It automatically scan all devices within specified subnets, draw and layout a network maps, monitor services, and alert you in case of problems. MikroTik introduces Cloud Hosted Router (CHR) that can be used as a virtual machine on most of the popular hypervisors such as VMware, Hyper-V, Virtual Box, KVM as well as GNS3. So, we will download MikroTik CHR and integrate it in GNS3. The following steps will show how to download MikroTik CHR from MikroTik Official Website.

  • Step 1: Choose to make new Hyper-V guest
  • Step 2: Choose a name of the guest
  • Step 3: 'Generation 1' should be used for RouterOS guests
  • Step 4: Select amount of RAM available for the guest, deselect dynamic management
  • Step 5: Choose networking capabilities for your new router.
  • Step 6: Do not create a new drive for the guest, instead, select option - 'Use existing disk' and browse to the download folder where you have downloaded the VHDX image from the MikroTik download page.
  • Step 7: Select the downloaded image file.
  • Step 8: The summary of the configuration.
Chr Mikrotik Download
  • Step 9: Setup is complete, just start the created guest.

Download Mikrotik Chr


  • Before image can be used in Windows Server 2008 r2 it needs to be converted from VHDX to VHD format.

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