Can I Download A Netflix Movie Onto A 32 Mg Card On My Macbook Air

The latest version of Netflix finally allows you to download your media to the external storage of your devices. Netflix allows you to download files to external storage Since its latest version, Netflix allows you to download files to external storage. This is a great and long awaited addition! Just head over the Google App. Most of the users prefer to capture photos in JPEG format. While some users prefer the RAW file format to capture photos. The below-mentioned chart is not accurate but it is an approximate estimate, so this will give you an idea as to how many photos can you hold on your 128GB memory card.

How to download Netflix videos to USB or micro SD card: Netflix needs no introduction when it comes to movies and TV series. There are thousands of options available in every genre you can select as per your interest. Few years back Netflix rolled out offline feature which allows you to download movies to watch later. Suppose you are planning to go out of town and you know there will be weak internet connection so you can download movies or series and watch it whenever you feel like. Offline videos don’t require any internet connection this is the best part of this feature.

There are lot of videos available to download but when you simply click on that download arrow it will be downloaded to default location. If you want to download Netflix video to USB you need to change the default location. We want to be clear at this point of time when we tried to change location for Pixel or iPhone phones we didn’t find this option. This is because we don’t have any external storage for these devices.

User must be having Netflix version 4.13 to download offline videos. If version 4.13 is not yet released for your device then download it here – Netflix Version 4.13 Apk Download. To install apk file you need to trust unknown sources for download (Settings >> Security >> toggle on Unknown Sources). After this download the apk from the link and then install it normally by clicking on the file. It may ask for some permissions while downloading the apk file.

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How to Download Netflix Videos to USB/SD Card

As we already discussed, to download videos to USB you need to change the default location and that’s it. Follow the steps mentioned below to change default download location of Netflix.

  • First of all launch Netflix and login with your credentials
  • Tap on Menu icon in the upper left corner of screen
  • Go to App Settings >> Download Location under Download Section
  • Now select Download location as SD Card and you are done

Now you have successfully changed the default download location of Netflix to SD Card. Go ahead and download the videos, TV Series or anything like you were doing earlier. It will be downloaded to your SD Card. This is all about how to download Netflix videos to USB/SD Card in case of any query or issues feel free to reach us.

When you are thinking about buying a bigger & largest memory card for your need, say 256GB. You might probably think of how many photos or images will this card hold on it? If you love to watch a lot of movies downloading on your mobile phone, you might think about how many videos or movies I can store on this 256GB card. If you love to listen to songs, you might be thinking about how many audio files or MP3 songs I can store on this 256GB memory card.

Here in this article, we will be answering all your questions about 256GB Storage capacity & how many audios, videos or Photos like media files it can hold on it.

There are so many memory card brands available in the market, from where you can purchase 128GB Memory cards online. Some of the popular brands include Sandisk, Sony, Strontium, Toshiba, Samsung, Transcend and many more. You can also search and compare memory cards online from here.

Can i download a netflix movie onto a 32 mg card on my macbook air keyboard cover

How Much Data Can the 256GB MicroSD Hold?

A 256GB Memory card can store a lot of data depends on your needs. Usually, 64GB or 128GB memory cards are enough for anyone. But still, if you need more storage, you should check out below details before you upgrade your memory card size with 256GB memory cards.

How many Photos & Pictures Can 256GB Hold?

Most of the DSLRs or Smartphones are able to capture photos in JPG or JPEG file format. A digital camera is able to shoot photos as a RAW file. Usually, RAW files are bigger sized files while JPEG files consume a less space than RAW images. Also, many different size & quality of pictures can be stored but it totally depends on what type of camera/mobile phones that are being used to shoot photos.

Usually, most of the small cameras are able to take an average of 3MB of the size of Photo, while cellphone camera is able to capture 2-3MB of the average size of pictures. If we talk about DSLR cameras, the average size of RAW format images can be up to 12-15 MB.

Before we explain details, we would like to inform you that, below table information are an estimate. You can expect your 256GB card can store pictures around it or less or more that depends on so many external factors.

MP = 1,000,000 pixels
1MB = 1,000,000 bytes, 1GB = 1,000MB
TIFF image has 24-bit color depth, one of 16,777,216 colors per pixel
JPEG 100% Quality = Visually lossless JPEG compression with 1:10 ratio of RAW image. This information has been taken from

How many JPEG Compressed Photos can 256GB Hold?

Camera MegapixelsFile size (MB)Number of Photos
4 MP1.2 MB183100
5 MP1.5 MB146482
6 MP1.8 MB122000
7 MP2.1 MB104000
8 MP2.4 MB91500
10 MP3.0 MB73200
12 MP3.6 MB61000
14 MP4.2 MB52000
16 MP4.8 MB45000
22 MP6.6 MB33000

Can I Download A Netflix Movie Onto A 32 Mg Card On My Macbook Air 128gb

Can i download a netflix movie onto a 32 mg card on my macbook air 2

How many Uncompressed RAW Photos can 256GB Hold?

We all know that RAW files are uncompressed and it consumes a lot of space than compressed photos. It has more size because it has a lot of details, colors, into it. Below is an idea of how many RAW pictures can be stored in your 256GB memory card.

Camera MegapixelsFile size (MB)Number of Photos
4 MP12.0 MB18310
5 MP15.0 MB14648
6 MP18.0 MB12200
7 MP21.0 MB10400
8 MP24.0 MB9150
10 MP30.0 MB7320
12 MP36.0 MB6100
14 MP42.0 MB5200
16 MP48.0 MB4500
22 MP66.0 MB3300

So this was all about how many pictures can 256GB hold on it.

How many Videos or Movies Can 256GB Hold?

If you are a fan of watching movies or recording videos on your memory cards, you need a lot more space. As movies are almost bigger in size than photos. Check out below table to get an idea of How many hours of videos or movies can 256GB hold?

Video ResolutionHours of Videos can 32GB Hold
HD Video (720p resolution)48 Hours
HD Video (1080p resolution)42 hours
4K Video (30fps) 10 Hours 35 Mins

Video resolution and frames per second play an important role in video details, but above are an estimate to help you in getting an idea of how many hours of videos you can store on your 256GB memory card or other storage devices like SSD, External Hard drive or any other devices.

How many Audios or MP3 Can 256GB Hold?

256GB is a lot of storage that you have even think of, as you are able to store tons of MP3 songs into it. If you are fond of listening to music or audio files on your device, you might be looking for how many audio files or MP3 songs you can be able to store on 256GB memory cards.

So How Many Songs Can Fit on 256 GB?

Here is the basic calculation to give you an estimated idea, how many songs you can expect it on your 256GB card. But before that, you should note that there are so many factors like the song’s length, it’s bitrate like 256Kbps, 128Kbps affect the storage size.

If we consider 4-5 minutes of the song as a 4-5MB, you can store approx 64000 to 51000 MP3 songs into the 256GB Memory card. You can also refer below chart to get more approx values.

Can I Download A Netflix Movie Onto A 32 Mg Card On My Macbook Air

The calculation we did is 256GB = 256000 MB approx. We have divided those MB with the average song’s size in MB to get those values.

Can i download a netflix movie onto a 32 mg card on my macbook air price
Song's SizeHow Many Songs
4 MB64000
5 MB51200
6 MB42667
7 MB36572
8 MB32000

How many Songs can 256GB Memory Card Hold?

Can I Download A Netflix Movie Onto A 32 Mg Card On My Macbook Air Keyboard Cover

Likewise, you can calculate it from your end, you can even calculate how many albums you can store as an average album contains 12-15 songs. Do your match and calculate it accordingly.

We hope this article on how many songs, videos or MP3 songs you can store on the 256GB size of memory card has provided a lot of value. If you have any suggestions or questions about this topic, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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