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I am sharing with you guys our latest At home Treasure hunt. If you use my free treasure hunt clues printable, your set up will be easy and fast. Follow the instructions with details on which clue goes where. My daughter is 8 and she was able to guess most of the clues with the little help from me. At Home Treasure Hunt Instructions for parents. Blue's Treasure Hunt. Game » consists of 0 releases. Released Sep 28, 1999. Mac; PC; Steve and Blue go on a treasure hunt to find three keys that lead to The Land of Great Discovery. Short summary describing this game.

Blue's Treasure Hunt

Developer: Humongous Entertainment
Publisher: Humongous Entertainment
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS Classic
Released in US: 1999

This game has unused graphics.
This game has unused text.
This game has debugging material.

Blue's Treasure Hunt is another two-disc adventure in the world of Blue's Clues. A bug-ahem, TREASURE Bug invites Steve and Blue to the Land of Great Discovery. Instead of simply taking them there, he makes them go find scrolls from the various housemates and some neighbors at the park and school, and find out the favorite treasures of Paprika, Mailbox, and Magenta by playing Blue's Clues (instead of, you know...just asking them). When they finally get to the Land of Great Discovery, the only things they find are a blank landscape that can be decorated with stickers, a sticker creator where you can only save up to one sticker, and a very slow-moving Breakout clone.

Both discs share the same set of resources (the difference being that there are some rooms missing depending on the disc), so the below applies to both discs.

  • 2Unused Graphics

Unused Subtitles

Like every Humongous game ever, this game has subtitles with no way to turn them on. However, unlike most games, 'TextOn=1' does not turn them on. They can only be viewed by using ScummVM's UI.

Oddly, they are disabled in the scenes with live-action video.

Unused Graphics

To do:
See if there's more.

Blue's Clues And You Treasure Hunt

As mentioned above, both discs share the same set of graphics, the exception being disc-exclusive rooms. As such, anything used in only one disc goes unused on the other.

Clues For A Treasure Hunt


For some reason, the graphics for the game restart prompt from Putt-Putt Enters the Race are stored with the game's opening logos.
Also stored with the opening logos is a palette test graphic.
Warping to Room 3 with ScummVM's debugger brings up the save/load screen from Putt-Putt Travels Through Time, albeit with no text and a little red X in the top-right corner. This screen (minus the X) is also present in Blue's Art Time Activities.


A crudely-drawn in MS Paint X, likely just a placeholder.

Kitchen - Refrigerator

A crude drawing of a piece of paper with the word 'scroll' on it, likely also a placeholder.

School Closet (Disc 2)

Object size(?) placeholders for the 'Lights On, Lights Off' minigame.

Debug Rooms

Removing the background color is always a pain, man.
What's that pawprint doing there? It's not added to your inventory if you select it. What purpose does it serve? It's a riddle for the ages.
You can't choose black paint when the palette is used. I guess the developers were anti-Goth.

Warping to Room 58 with ScummVM's debugger brings up an inventory debug screen, with the items depending on what disc and path you're playing. Clicking on an item or clue page places it in the inventory, clicking on a sticker places it in the map, and clicking the big object to the far right doesn't seem to do anything. However, adding a clue page to the inventory removes the item needed to get it, the stickers must be added in order, and the big object can only be selected if all three clues and all three stickers are in the inventory.

Warping to this screen while in the Land of Great Discovery simply brings up a blank screen.

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