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The following BlackMagic devices have been tested and work with ProPresenter and the specified module. Most devices will work with the next feature down in the list. Some of these devices, especially the PCIe cards, are now considered legacy products. Blackmagic Design ATEM Television Studio HD Live Production Switcher 4.5 out of 5 stars 106. Only 2 left in stock - order soon.

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  • ATEM Television Studio HD is a true professional switcher that’s incredibly tiny, making it compact and portable enough to use anywhere! The all in one design includes a built in AC power supply, full front panel controls with input source buttons for switching, a built in LCD screen, spin knob and more.
  • The Blackmagic ATEM Switchers are designed to be used in live television production environments to increase the broadcast quality. The system is comprised of a hardware control panel and a software solution that enables you to command it from the comfort of your Mac.
Hi guys,
My ATEM Production Studio 4K (bought new a couple of months ago) isn't connecting via the ethernet port.
The Mac Pro's ATEM Software Control cannot see the switcher by ethernet connection. The ATEM setup utility sees the switcher via USB connection and apparently an assigned IP address.
When I check Networking in Mac, I see the ethernet has a self-assigned address ( This isn't the address that pops up in the Setup Utility when I connect the USB cable (starting with 192.*.*.*). I'm not a networking expert, but I'm also not a novice.
It seems something's up with the ethernet in the switcher. The switcher outputs video without any problems via SDI and HDMI. But it's pretty much a paperweight now.
This happened after we left the switcher on for several days at a time, for the first time. We usually turn it off after each production, since we produce only 1-2 days per month and since we've been having some cooling issues in the control room (83-84 degrees).
Already tried:
Atem television studio software-Updating firmware
-Downgrading firmware (per BMD staff advice on Black Magic forum)
-Swapping network cables
-Swapping network ports on the Mac Pro
-Rebooting MacPro more than once
-Rebooting switcher (waited with switcher off for more than two weeks for the most recent reboot)
-Connecting to another Mac (same issue)
Everything worked marvelously, before this.

Black Magic Atem Television Studio Software Download Mac Free

H.264 Pro Recorder / ATEM TVS edition

MX Light is a compact software tool set providing essential features for owners of Blackmagic Designs ATEM Television Studio & H264 Pro-Recorder.
Designed to unleash the potential of these devices as hardware h264/aac encoders, MX Light uses minimal system resources, allowing the recording and streaming of high quality, high definition h264 video and aac audio with virtually no CPU overhead.
MX Light's feature set at a glance:

Black Magic Atem Television Studio Software Download Mac Os

  • Real-time cue based video replay & cut list setup
  • Streaming (UDP,HTTP,HLS,RTMP,RTSP)
  • Flexible hardware based video scaling
  • Fail-safe recording mode
  • Command line & Remote control over TCP/IP interfaces for full automation
  • Audio-Video Sync adjustment
  • Enables full HD progressive & interlaced capture modes
  • Optional preview
  • Super-compact interface
  • Fast operation via global keyboard shortcuts
  • Minimum hardware requirements
  • Works on Windows XP,Vista,7,8,8.1,10
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