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The game features beautiful art design and sound, including an amazing overhead view of the Sydney city. With lots of exciting mini-games (bop-a-croc, pelican/turtle challenge, mahjong tiles, match object groups, jigsaw puzzles and memory challenges) and eye-popping rounds of hidden treasure hunting, Big City Adventure: Sydney, Australia is. Big City Adventure: Sydney, Australia Game Free Download.Search for hidden objects down under! Download Big City Adventure: Sydney, Australia game free for PC. Head down under to join the next Big City Adventure! Search for thousands of cleverly hidden items around the amazing city of Sydney. Discover 75 fascinating and obscure facts about Sydney and its history, plus, earn 75 cool mementos from the 26 amazing locations you'll visit.

Big City Adventure Sydney Australia Game

Do you know Sydney, Australia? It's a fascinating and passionate city. You might just know it for its opera, but its wonders go far beyond that. The sequel to the series Big City Adventure, Big City Adventure: Sydney, Australia, is a game that combines skills, intelligence and ability. On your journey through Sydney we'll have to win several mini games that are very challenging and will require being very cunning. You can play as up to 8 characters: members of a family (mom, dad, son, daughter, grandpa, or grandma), a kangaroo and a koala. Animals that can be typically be found in Australia. The game consists of searching for masterfully hidden objects in gorgeously detailed scenes all over the city. There are thousands to find! And you can also solve jigsaw puzzles or try your memory with the memory challenges in the game. But when you find everything, don't think there's no more. You can start over with a thousand more objects to find! Never get bored, or unhooked. It's perfect for a family night of fun and games.

You will be completing fun and challenging missions while gaining new knowledge and fun (and dark) facts from Sydney. You'll get to know better this wonderful city from down under. With its 2 play modes, quirky animations and a lot of surprises Big City Adventure: Sydney, Australia is an incredibly complete, fun, and endless game. Don't miss out on this 2008 RealGames Great Games award-winning for Top Hidden Object Game adventure!

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