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If the launch of the gaming-oriented Razer Phone tells us anything, it’s that there are companies out there ready to take Android as a gaming platform seriously. But even if you spring for a high-end Android device like the aforementioned Razer Phone, the OnePlus 5T or the Pixel 2 XL, you’re not likely to find more than casual games like Asphalt 8, Temple Run 2, Clash Royale or Pokémon GO on the Google Play Store.
That’s not true of every Android device out there, though. In fact, NVIDIA’s Shield line of devices (which are powered by Tegra system-on-chips, just like the Nintendo Switch gaming console) have access to lots of blockbuster games, including Borderlands 2, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Resident Evil 5. And thanks to a partnership with Nintendo in China, the list recently grew to include classics such as New Super Mario Bros. Wii and The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

So Im really longing to buy a Nvidia Shield TV 16GB Im thinking of buying the 16GB version, putting a 128GB micro-sd card in it and use a powered usb3.0 HUB to connect my current 3 external HDDs to it. My plans is to let the 128GB micro-sd card act as the torrent partition and storage for the games and apps. If you want the best and easiest way to setup VPN on Nvidia Shield, you’ve come to the spot. Let us walk you through how to download and enable your VPN for maximum Kodi protection on your Shield TV Android box today. The Nvidia Shield is one of the most powerful Android-based devices on the market today.

NVIDIA Shield-compatible games are optimized for Nvidia Shield devices, ostensibly, and they’re only available from NVIDIA’s app marketplace or the Android TV section of the Play Store. But there’s nothing technical preventing other devices from running them. With a little know-how and elbow grease, you can download and install Shield and Android TV games on non-Shield devices. As long as said devices are powerful enough to run them, they’ll work almost flawlessly. The best part? Root or other modifications are not required!
A disclaimer first, though: We can’t guarantee that all Shield and Android TV games will run on all Android devices. Since they’re meant for the Shield TV, your smartphone or tablet might lack certain required APIs and features. However, there’s no harm in trying out!

How to Legaly Install Android TV or NVIDIA Shield Games on any Android Device

For this tutorial, we’re going to use an application called the Yalp Store. It’s basically a third-party client for the Google Play Store that allows you to download apps directly as APK files, update your existing apps, and, if you’re rooted, update and install apps in the background. The Yalp Store, which is recommended for Gapps-less ROM setups, is completely open-source, safe to use, and available from F-Droid’s.
Best Torrent Client For Nvidia ShieldOnce you’ve configured the Yalp Store, you’ll need to sign in with your Google account in order to access your purchased games and download them on your phone, or to purchase new ones. If you don’t own the NVIDIA Shield TV or other Android TV device, try following these steps:
  • Go to the app settings.
  • Navigate to the option “Pretend to be a different device”.
  • Select the NVIDIA Shield TV.
  • Untick “Delete APK after installation”.
  • Search for a free application or game in the Yalp Store.
  • When prompted, select the option “Log in with your Google account” and enter your credentials.
  • Download any application or game.

This will associate a phantom NVIDIA Shield TV with your Google Play Store account alongside your real Android tablets and smartphones. It’ll also allow you to buy and download NVIDIA Shield games. Here’s how:
  • Log into the desktop version of the Google Play Store.
  • Search for the game you want to buy.
  • Since you already “own” a Shield TV, you’ll be able to buy and download the game.
  • Once you’ve purchased it, go back to the Yalp Store.
  • Search for the game you just bought using your account.
  • Download and install it.

Best Torrent Client For Nvidia Shield Omnia

If you own an NVIDIA Shield TV, then the process is a lot easier: Just purchase a game from your device (or search for a game you already own), go to the Yalp Store on your phone, and download it.
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Best Torrent Client For Nvidia ShieldWhat the Yalp Store does is pretty simple. For starters, it simply crawls through the Google Play Store, gets APK files using either a pre-configured dummy account or your own personal account, and downloads those APK packages to your phone. What you’re doing is simply spoofing our device as an NVIDIA Shield TV or other Android TV device, buying the games you want, downloading the APKs of those games (which are made for the same hardware architecture as your phone, ARM) and installing them. And while some games might not work flawlessly, they were purchased legally — there’s no piracy involved.
Games like The Talos Principle, Grim Fandango, and The Walking Dead S03 have been reported to work fine on Android phones. Your mileage may vary with some of bigger, more demanding title like Borderlands 2, but we encourage you to try them out.

As a service to developers, NVIDIA makes 'beta', 'rooted' and 'early access' versions of certain SHIELD system images available for download.

These packages are for software developers only and may provide: root level access by default; non-certified preview graphics drivers; beta system device drivers; or OS features that have not been fully tested. System images with root level access provide developers with root level privileges by default (ie running 'adb root' succeeds but note that the su utility is NOT included) to allow access to parts of the device typically restricted from users. Similarly, preview drivers may provide functionality not exposed in the final consumer release.

Before releasing an app or game developed on a developer OS image, the developer must confirm that the app or game runs correctly on a standard consumer OS with standard drivers and without root level access .

These images should not be flashed to consumer devices or on devices that are in every day use as many of Android's user security features can be easily bypassed.


By downloading a Developer OS Image, you acknowledge the security risks inherent in a preview, beta or rooted version of the Android OS and acknowledge that the OS may be unstable and that user data on a device using these images can be easily obtained by malicious software or if the device is stolen. NVIDIA does not provide any warranty and is not responsible for potential hardware damage or data loss or corruption caused by a Developer OS Image.

Currently Shipping Rooted SHIELD Android TV Images

Instructions & Downloads

NVIDIA provides a rooted OS image for SHIELD ANDROID TV that matches the currently shipping public OTA. To flash the rooted image to the SHIELD Android TV, download the image for your specific device and follow the instructions listed on the Download Center entry.

Vulkan support is included in OS images with versions >= 3.0.0.

To enter fastboot mode on the SHIELD TV (2017 edition), follow the instructions in the 'How To Flash' section of the latest open source README listed on the SHIELD open source page (for example, the 5.0.0 README).

Best Nvidia Shield Apps

Torrent NOTE: When flashing the recovery image for the SHIELD ANDROID TV Pro (500GB edition), you may end up with only 11GB of available space. We are investigating this issue. To workaround the problem please:
  • Complete a factory reset upon first boot after the flash process. To do a factory reset, boot the device and go to Settings->Storage & reset->Factory data reset->Full reset.
  • Alternatively, skip the instruction to flash the userdata partition.

Reverting Device to Stock

To revert a device to what a consumer has installed (ie a 'stock' image), follow the instructions to download and flash the latest consumer recovery image.

Android PRO Audio Developer Preview for SHIELD

NVIDIA supports Google's latest Android PRO Audio developments on SHIELD Tablet K1. The public OS image for SHIELD Tablet K1 now includes all required changes and API's and the developer preview image is no longer required.

System images for the original SHIELD Tablet family (wifi & LTE versions) that include Android PRO Audio are still going through final verification but should be available soon.

Vulkan Developer Preview for SHIELD

Nvidia Shield For Sale

NVIDIA supports Vulkan on Android with its family of SHIELD devices. Full Vulkan support is now available on all SHIELD ANDROID TV and SHIELD TABLET products (SHIELD TABLET K1 and SHIELD TABLET WiFi & all LTE).

Best Nvidia Shield Emulator

NOTE: To reiterate, you do NOT need to contact NVIDIA to use Vulkan on SHIELD products. The default public operating systems now include full Vulkan support (including the rooted developer images for SHIELD ANDROID TV listed below (versions >= 3.0.0)).