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I own a Synology NAS, and loved it very much. But it wasn't powerful enough for Plex transcoding, so I built my own NAS and combined my HTPC (cablecard tuner into it as well). The reason I want it web based, is I connect to the box remotely over socks5 SSH connection, and sometimes want to add some files for the box to download remotely.
So far it's a Windows Media Center PC for live TV and DVR functions. It's got sabnzbd, sickbeard, couch potato, Plex Server, and Flexraid for my storage function. Only thing I am really missing is a nice web based download manager like the one in Synologies DSM. It would do torrents, and NZBs (which I don't need really - have sabnzbd) and normal downloads. I've done some searching but can't find anything usefull.
Does anyone know of any web based downloaders that I can install on that box?