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Javed Ahmad Ghamidi (Urdu: جاوید احمد غامدی) (born 1951) is a Pakistani Islamic modernist theologist Quran scholar and exegete, and educationist, who extended the work of his tutor, Amin Ahsan Islahi,Ghamidi is the founder of Al-Mawrid Institute of Islamic Sciences and its sister organisation Danish Sara.[3] He became a member of Council of Islamic Ideology on 28 January 2006 for a couple of years,[4][5] a constitutional body responsible for giving legal advice on Islamic issues to Pakistan Government and the Parliament. He has also taught at the Civil Services Academy from 1980 until 1991. He is running an intellectual movement similar to Wastiyya in Egypt on the popular electronic media of Pakistan.

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Ghamidi’s discourse is primarily with the traditionalists on the one end and Jamaat-e-Islami and its seceding groups on the other.In Ghamidi’s arguments, there is no reference to the Western sources, human rights or current philosophies of crime and punishment. Nonetheless he reaches conclusions which are similar to those of Islamic modernists and progressives on the subject, within the traditional Islamic framework

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Tafseer Al Bayan - Urdu Translation (Tarjuma) and Tafseer by Javed Ahmad Ghamidi. نام: تفسیر البیان مصنف: جاوید احمد غامدی Application Features: - Complete Tafseer Al Bayan by Javed Ahmad Ghamidi - Colored Word by Word Quran Translation - Advance Search functionality in Quran, Translation (Tarjuma) and Tafseer. Free download and read online Meezan Urdu PDF written by Javed Ahmad Ghamidi.BooksPk.Site uploaded this book under the category of Islamic Books PDF.Format of Meezan Urdu PDF is PDF and file size of this file is 17.68 MB and Meezan Urdu PDF has 1318 pages, Meezan Urdu PDF has been downloaded 18,246 times. This is what is termed as a righteous deed. Ghamidi, Javed (2000). Al-Bayan Volume 1 has 82 ratings and 5 reviews: Published by Al-Mawrid. Javed Ahmad Ghamidi is a Pakistani Islamic modernist theologist who hosted a primetime. Al Bayan By Javed Ghamidi Pdf Reader. He said if the Muslims wanted to get together they should create a bloc of states. Qira'at: Saad Al-Ghamidi - Voice: Jawad Ahmed Ghamidi - Audio player - Video/Audio back button - Load more than 20 items for Audio or Video on scroll down Bugs: - Quran Text Download issue. Mizan Social Sharing is not working - English font in Quran Surah section too big. Solve issue with Android Background, doing heavy tasks.