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AhnLab ICM is a centralized security monitoring and management solution that simplifies the management of multiple AhnLab EPS servers by centralizing the data received from each server. AhnLab ICM collects and visualizes the data received from multiple AhnLab EPS servers, enabling users to quickly identify and respond to security issues found in devices connected to multiple servers. AhnLab EPP Platform is an application marketed by AhnLab, Inc. Some users choose to uninstall it. Sometimes this can be easier said than done because deleting this by hand requires some know-how related to removing Windows applications by hand. AhnLab CPP is a single, centralized cloud workload protection platform that focuses on providing optimized protection, unified management, and flexibility for workloads in hybrid environments. Optimized Protection for Hybrid ㆍMulti-cloud Environments. ProcesChecker - A library for all windows process. Developers Developer AhnLab, Inc. Info Name: AhnLab, Inc. Website: List of software(s) that AhnLab, Inc. AhnLab Asia Pacific Website - AhnLab. An industry-leading information security vendor, delivers a comprehensive security lineup including proven, world-class antivirus products, network security appliances, and advanced security services.


AhnLab EDR is an endpoint detection and response solution that provides actionable insights and holistic visibility for enhanced response.

AhnLab EDR is an Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solution that continuously monitors endpoints for comprehensive threat detection, analysis, and response.

New and unknown malware, including ransomware, and malware variants are intensifying at an alarming pace - but organizations do not have adequate response measures in place and rely on traditional endpoint security measures.

To mitigate the risks and strengthen your resiliency in security incidents, EDR technology is necessary. AhnLab EDR provides a total process of information detection, analysis, response, and prediction at endpoints. The response process enables holistic visibility into threats with continuous monitoring and recording of every activity in endpoints, analyzing the flow and enabling stronger response.

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An increasing number of businesses are migrating their workloads to cloud environments to accelerate digital transformation. However, cloud environments requires a new security platform for centralized visibility and management of cloud workloads.

AhnLab CPP is a single, centralized cloud workload protection platform that focuses on providing optimized protection, unified management, and flexibility for workloads in hybrid environments.

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Optimized Protection for Hybrid ㆍMulti-cloud Environments

  • - Provides comprehensive visibility and easy management for workloads in on-premise and cloud server (AWS, Azure) environments
  • - Supports automatic identification for autoscaling cloud server workloads

Unified Operation and Management

  • - Delivers easy operation and management through a single, web-based management platform
  • - Supports quick and simple operations with Intrusion Prevention, Firewall, Application Control, and Anti-malware
  • - Provides integration with 3rd-party solutions via Open API
  • - Enables SIEM, ESM integration via syslog logging
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Flexible and Cost-efficient

  • - Provides module-based CPP Management, which enables flexible configuration according to the business environment
  • - Saves cost by allowing selective installation and application of security solutions

Application Control

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  • - Allows execution of trusted applications only
  • - Ensures system stability by providing various control modes

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  • - Provides real-time malware scan with minimal impact on resources and performance
  • - Supports manual and scheduled scan


  • - Enables IP, Port , protocol-based network control
  • - Supports geo-IP blocking

Intrusion Prevention

  • - Detects and blocks network intrusion attacks
  • - Blocks attacks within​ internal servers as well as attacks between external and internal servers
  • - Provides signature recommendation
  • - Supports IDS mode