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Adobe Acrobat Reader is an application for reading, editing, and creating PDF documents. Although there are endless options when it comes to working with PDF, Adobe is one of the most recognizable and reliable names with an application for Mac.
PDF (Portable Document Format) is a document format developed by Adobe Systems. Its main advantage is the ability to view the document's contents without having the option to edit it. Thanks to this feature, PDF files have become a standard document distribution format online.
In addition to viewing documents, you can also make annotations and modifications. You can even export text or convert images to PDF and vice versa, as well as export PDFs to other formats that are more compatible with word processors.
This application, combined with the rest of the Adobe package features, lets you access your documents stored on the cloud by linking your account, if you have one. You can also link it to a scanning app, which lets you create PDF files with your smartphone's camera.

Create a PDF file from other source or just from scratch

Download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader for Mac - View PDF documents. Read 259 user reviews of Adobe Acrobat Reader on MacUpdate.


  • Create and edit PDF files
  • Create PDF from other tools of Microsoft
  • Sign, lock and protect your PDF files
  • Merge files into a single PDF document

Adobe Reader 7 Builds. Adobe Reader 9.4.0 PPC. Mac; Linux; Games. provides free. software downloads for old versions of programs. Adobe Reader 7 is an updated version of Adobe Reader and it was initially released in December, 2004 to detach the problems come to pass in its older versions. Many software releases of this software such as Adobe Reader 7.0, Adobe Reader 7.05, Adobe Reader 7.07, Adobe Reader 7.08, Adobe Reader 7.09 and the last update was 7.1.0 come in the software market by different releasing dates due to.

Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Professional is a software tool that allows you to create, control and delivery documents as PDF files in a higher quality and in a more secure way.
Thanks to Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Professional you can assemble paper files with electronic files, engineering drawings, emails, and even websites into reliable PDF documents, which can be easily shared with others.


Adobe Reader 7 Mac Download And Installer

Create any kind of PDF file you need

With the help of Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Professional you can create PDF documents easily from different programs of any operative system, including tools like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Internet Explorer, MS-Project, Visio, Publisher and AutoCAD, among others.
You can also create Adobe PDF Forms incorporating business logics, calculations and data validations. These forms can perform like paper forms replacing tedious manual form filling and submission processes by way of seamless integration with e-commerce applications for e-Governance and other business transactions.

New options that improve the software


An interesting feature included on Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Professional is the fact that PDF files you create will be smaller than the ones created with the previous version of the program, so will save a lot more of space and you’ll find less problems to send them as attachment or to upload them.
Another interesting feature is the option to protect your documents with your own passwords for your safety. And there are so many more new options, such as the possibility to write sticky notes or to add your own comments to any document.

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Adobe Reader 11 Free Download

With the additional features you can easily and quickly convert, collect and organize Adobe PDF documents. And if you want, you can complement Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Professional with other tools like Adobe Acrobat Reader DC or PDF Manager.

Adobe Reader 7.0 Free Download

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