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  • 現行のバージョンのAfter EffectsとPremiereには、Adobe Dynamic Link という、お互いにコンポジションやシーケンスを読み込んでリンクさせ、リンク先の編集をリアルタイムで反映させることができる便利な機能があります。 この機能を実際に使ってみた上で起きた問題と、解決法・注意点を備忘録とし.

Adobe After Effects Dynamic Link Error/Crash FIX.Dynamic Link File Download: hope this.

Alright so I think I am finally starting to get the hang of 'Proxying' the DNG footage from Resolve into premier, but that only achieves simple cutting. I added one ore step to the process and the whole thing fell apart. As soon as I started using the dynamic link the round trip back to resolve stopped working (See screenshot link)
Adobe Dynamic Link For Macis it possible to still get a round trip with linked comps from after effects ?
Thanks !

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